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Michael J. Gania


Number of posts : 517
Age : 30
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Registration date : 2008-03-11

PostSubject: Michael   Tue Mar 11, 2008 11:02 am

Name: Michael J. Gania
Age: 17
Class: Transfiguration/2nd year
Blood: half blood, vampire and human

Mother: Ashley Gania (deceased)
Father: Rowan Gania (deceased)
Brother: Jason Gania (deceased)
Sister: Alia Gania
Other: Christabelle Gania (Wife), Hannah Rose, Makenzye Lyn and Branden Krystovar (Children Mac and Branden being twins)

Married: Yes (Christabelle Gania)
Dating: No
Single: No
Crush: No
Work: Not Yet

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'1"
Build: Average
Clothes: He normally wears just a t-shirt and a pair of pants. He'll occasionally wear something dressed up like a suit, but only if he has to. He also will wear the school uniform, but only when he's in class.
Skin: Light complexioned
Nationality: Other?
Personality: Friendly, but sometimes hard-headed. He is extremely stubborn (just like his mother used to be) and he can sometime be shy, or timid. Depending on the situation. He has a strong will and is very determined.
Other: None

Your good points: strong-willed, and friendly.
Your bad Points: Stubborn
Likes: Darkness, certain people
Fears: Wolves

Where do you call Home: A small mansion in Germany with his wife Christy and his three children.

Character History: He was born in London, and was also the older child. When he was 1, his mother gave birth to his younger siblings, Jason and Alia (twins). But around the time Michael was 5 and the twins were 4, their little home caught fire. Alia and Michael made it outside, but his parents and brother never did. For a time being, they were separated living with different relatives. Michael with his pedofilish uncle and Alia with their grandmother. He was touched for those years he lived with his Uncle, but when he was big enough to fight back, he did. His uncle soon kicked him out and he went searching for his sister. At 17 and 16 they live together in a much smaller home, a block from where their parents and brother passed away...Though once he met Christy and they got married, he moved into a small mansion in Germany with her while they were expecting their daughter Hannah who is now 3. He is also the father of twins, Mackenzye and Branden.
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Vannessa Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: Michael   Tue Mar 11, 2008 4:43 pm

That's fine...approved. You need to make sure to post in the sorting hat so that you can get sorted and all that stuff alright. Thanks.
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