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 The complete guide to getting started on the Fidelius Charm.

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PostSubject: The complete guide to getting started on the Fidelius Charm.   Fri Jun 08, 2007 9:24 pm

Welcome to the Fidelius charm!

Q : I am new here , so how Do I get started?!

A : Well , first off , You should (of course) register.
After that , Check out the "Getting started" threads" Read the rules , and get to know how other people role play. This is something you will definetely want to do.

Here are the rules: Click HERE , please

Q: Ok , I've read the rules , now I want to role play with the other members..

A: Good , so now you're ready to make a character for yourself.
By registering , you probably already thought of the name for our character , but if not , no worries , You can make the characters's name as well as other descriptions of them HERE Just take a look at other people's charcter sheets , to get a feel of how you will want to do it.

Q: Hm , well I've made my character , read the rules.. anything else?

A: Yes , there are a few other things , one of these include choosing your house. The houses you can choose from include..

House 1 - Gryffindor - This house is very loyal , although as I hear it , they are lacking members! Click HERE To join their them!

House 2 - Slytherin - This has alot of interesting and very nice members! Click HERE to join them!

House 3 - HufflePuff - This house derived from Helga Hufflepuff , a very wise witch , also the house that I am in! Click HERE to join us!

House 4 - Ravenclaw - This team holds the house cp for the most house points for the month of may! A very competitive house! Click HERE to join them!

Q: I have joined my house , and done all of the other things you need to me to complete... now what?

A: Well , there is one VERY important thing you need to complete. The rpg workshop. New members must ALWAYS go through the workshop before being able to role play. The workshop teaches you the basics of role play , so you don't spam up the website. Overall it's good for everyone Smile

Click HERE to learn more about this.
You MUST send in a role play sample in doing this , make sure you read all areas of that thread.

Q: Can I get started NOW?

A: Of course! You are now ready to explore the wonderful mind of J.k Rowling at it's best. Sign up for classes , battle other members in the dueling club.. or fight evil and defend the good name that is Hogwarts!

Any further questions or comments , please contact Me , Pandora , or any other staff member.

Have fun! , and remember , magic is ALWAYS in the making , here at... The Fidelius Charm.

All the best ,

The Fidelius Charm Staff
Cedric Diggory
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The complete guide to getting started on the Fidelius Charm.
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