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 Diamanti, Leia

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Leia Diamanti


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PostSubject: Diamanti, Leia   Sun Oct 12, 2014 6:09 pm

Name:Leia Elise Diamanti
Age: 14
Class: Witch
Blood: Halfblood

Mother: Isabelle Diamanti (nee Armstrong)
Father: Gerald Diamanti
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None
Other: An uncle named Dax Diamanti

Playby: Sarah Brightman
Hair: Brown, slightly curly
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7"
Build: Slender, but not overly skinny
Skin: Slightly tanned and smooth
Clothes: T-shirts, jeans when not in uniform; dresses for formal occasions.
Overall Appearance: Leia's style is fairly consistent. When not in her school uniform, she can usually be found in T-shirts and blue jeans, with either flip flops or tennis shoes to go with them. She normally keeps her hair up in braids, as she finds that having it down in her face is quite annoying. As far as her clothes, Leia does her own thing, meaning simply that she doesn't follow any particular trend.

Nationality: British
Good Qualities: Good communicator, helpful, confident, objective, loyal, honest
Bad Qualities: Stubborn, selfish, somewhat greedy, can be pushy, moody, aloof
Likes: House elves, thunderstorms, snow, walks by the lake, chocolate, sapphires
Dislikes: Mice, old broomsticks, sunny days, hypocrites, the giant squid, boats
Fears: Falling off of an old, broken broomstick, getting stuck in an tiny, enclosed area, werewolves
General Personality: For the most part, Leia is a rather quirky young lady, although she does have moments where other people really would not want to be around her. She can be selfish at times, somewhat uncooperative when it comes to doing things she doesn't want to do, and very easily upset when there's any sort of change coming about. She prefers routine and hates spontaneity.

She does have a sarcastic side to her, and can often come off as being rather rude, especially if someone happens to be walking too slowly in front of her or, as she's someone who hates public displays of affection, if they're kissing in the middle of the hallway, which is something she really can't stand. For all of this, however, Minda is very loyal to her friends and will defend them if need be, in any way she can.

One of the things Leia enjoys doing--has always enjoyed doing, for that matter-- is people watching. She does this in order to figure out why people behave the way they behave so that in her dealings with others, she knows what to say and when to say it, and when to keep her mouth shut. As she was brought up by parents who are rather strict, she is expected not to make many social missteps such as blurting out "I love you" to a boy at a Christmas party her parents held when she was 10.) It was after this embarrassing episode that she swore that nothing like that would ever happen again, and that, though she would continue being helpful and outgoing, she would under no circumstances expose her heart like that again.

Although a good communicator, Leia is not one for voluntarily being a leader of anything. She tends to get impatient with other people easily, especially if they're not understanding whatever it is she might be saying to them. In cases like this, Leia tends to feel insulted, as she prides herself on being able to get her ideas across in a clear manner.

Leia can also be very critical of both people and things, tending to make comments on such issues as what people are wearing and how silly some people's answers to questions in class are. There have also been a couple of times where she's criticized the teachers on something he or she might have said; both of these times resulted in her being sent to detention because she couldn't seem to stop wanting to correct the adults.

Early Years:Leia Diamanti was born in London on July 18, 2017, to Gerald and Isabelle Diamanti. An only child, she was brought up knowing about both the magical world and the Muggle world, her mother being a Muggle, and her father being a wizard. Leia, although mildly interested in what her mother had to say about the Muggle world, was much more keen to learn about the magical world and how she was going to go to Hogwarts when she was older. She felt a stronger connection to her father and begged him to tell her all about his days at Hogwarts, which he did gladly.

From the time she was able to comprehend what was going on around her, Leia realized that something was not right in her family. Her parents were constantly in a state of disagreement over her future, and no matter how much she told her mother that she didn't want to be a Muggle, Isabelle would hear none of that and took the time to enroll Leia in a Muggle girls' boarding school when she was nine years old. Gerald was furious, and not long after classes had started, he took Leia out of the school and brought her back home, determined to teach her what she needed to know before her Hogwarts letter came. This was the last straw for Isabelle, who, after pulling her husband into one final, loud fight, left her husband and daughter to their own devices, preferring to live in her Muggle world instead of the very unpredictable wizarding world.

Hogwarts Years: Leia's first years at Hogwarts were relatively smooth ones. She consistently made good grades in Defense Against the Dark Arts, but discovered a weakness in Potions and Herbology. Undaunted, she managed to find someone to tutor her in these subjects and gradually brought her grades up in these classes.

Leia has been known to be a bit introverted, and as such, found making friends to be somewhat difficult. Nevertheless, she did come out of her shell enough to become acquainted with a few people in her own House. It was only in her third year that she began broadening her friendships to those people of other Houses. Now in her fourth year at Hogwarts, Leia is just starting to become aware of her feelings toward guys and how they don't have cooties after all.
After Hogwarts / Adult: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Diamanti, Leia   Sun Oct 12, 2014 6:25 pm

Lovely app my dear,  she'll be very interesting to rp with!  Approved don't forget to claim your claims and post in the sorting hat quiz to get sorted into your house!
Welcome to FC Leia!


Awesome set by my amazing Chassy pet!
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Diamanti, Leia
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