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 Blacknight, Tobias

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Tobias Blacknight

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PostSubject: Blacknight, Tobias   Sat Sep 13, 2014 2:54 am

Name: Tobias Alexander James Blacknight
Age: 19
Class: Human
Blood: Pureblood

Mother: Brittany Blacknight
Father: Spencer Blacknight
Brother(s): Keegan Blacknight (adopted by his grandparents)
Sister(s): Faith Blacknight(adopted by his grandparents )
Other: Terrance Blacknight (grandfather)
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Blacknight

Playby:Gaspard Ulliel
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue, go to sapphire when he's happy
Build: slender built has quite a bit of muscles to him
Skin: soft white,  has a bit of a summer tan,  but pale during the winter months!
Overall Appearance: Tobias is a mixture of both of his parents,  but he inherited more from his father than his mother,  but he gotten her beautiful grayish blue eyes.   Tobias stands 6'0 in height with short brown messy untidy hair with grayish blue eyes.  Tobias has a strong jawline structure that matches his strong but tough features behind him.  Tobias clothes consists of nothing but dark colors, you will very rarely see him in light colors other than blue, red and white,  he doesn't like bright colors and don't think he looks good in them.  Tobias wears anything from a plain black shirt with blue jeans to a nice dark button down blue jeans with his gray trench coat he always wears.

Nationality: British
Good Qualities:
quick learner
quick reflexes
good listener
good at keeping secrets
good listener
Bad Qualities:
Cold hearted
doesn't trust people easily
bluntly honest
rainy days
Christmas time
Winter time
spending time with his friends

back stabbers
people who talk alot
dishonest people
Death eaters
Evil Slytherins
people who judge others
summer time
Maia Thorson
his parents
not hanging out with his friends
people hurting his siblings or friends
having to become what his parents wanted him to become a Death Eater
his friends and siblings dying
General Personality: 
Tobias is a guy who has a lot of darkness behind him,  so he can be very dark and very evil when needs to be,  but he doesn't like showing that side of him.  Tobias can be a ass of a douche bag at times,  but he seen as a nice and sweet guy with a dark mysterious past behind him,   although when angry or pissed off,  he's a total completely different person and you don't want to mess with him.   Tobias tends to be very stubborn and sarcastic despite his sweet and caring ways, he's often seen as cold hearted and down right bluntly honest and cocky at times,  but those are on his down days which he has alot sometimes.   He's as smart as a whip and a very quick learner,   he's very driven to the core and will do anything to protect his friends and siblings. Tobias is very dark and mysterious, he doesn't trust people easily and doesn't forgive people easily,   once you you screw him over, he won't forget about it.

Early Years: Tobias Alexander James Blacknight was born to Spencer and Brittany Blacknight,  on October 31,1995. Tobias was a accident that wasn't supposed to happen but did,  making his parents almost give him away due to not wanting him since they were death eaters that were wanted.  Despite of not wanting him,  they raised him up to become a Death Eater just like them,  they threw the cruciatus curse multiple times at him at a small age yelling him to fight it off along with the imperius curse,  after two years of screaming and crying and his parents calling him weak, his parents were caught and thrown into Azkaban for all eternity and Tobias was sent to be raised by his grandparents.  At the age of seven years old,  Tobias went to a muggle school with his friends Tyler and Eva who he met when he moved in.  As two years passed,  Tobias wanted siblings and asked if he had any sadly his grandparents told him no,  on Tobias's 8th birthday his grandparents adopted Faith and Keegan.  
Hogwarts Years:
At the age of eleven Tobias was accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.  After much thought the sorting hat placed him into Slytherin seeing how he had a lot of ambition  to him. Like any first year, Tobias was in awe by the big castle and gotten lost very easily due to the castle being so big.  From turning beetles into buttons and being placed under the cheering charm, years passed for Tobias as he entered his fifth year at Hogwarts, his OWL year. Studying up the storm Tobias made 8 OWL  Outstandings in DADA,  Potions and Charms,  3 Accectables in Transfigurations, Astronomy,  History of Magic,  Herbology and two Exceed Expections in Divnations. A year passed and Tobias graduated from Hogwarts with top marks and went to become a Auror.  
After Hogwarts / Adult: After graduating from Hogwarts, Tobias went on to become a Auror in the Ministry,  he became one to keep people like his parents locked away.   After two years of being in Auror training,  he graduated from Auror training the same time Ty did and became a Auror.  Since then Tobias been on dangerous missions and captured tons of death eaters,  he never seen his parents after he was seven years old,  but Tobias hates them and never wants to. Although Tobias was raised by death eaters the first seven years of his life and taught curses and forced to fight them off but was to little to,  he decided that wasn't the path he wanted to take.

Alias: Maura ( Mars )
RP Experience: about 5 years
Other Characters: Serena Lockwood, Maura Goldstein, Maia Thorson
How did you find us?: Sophy Kitty! Yo!
RP Sample:

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Christabelle Gania

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PostSubject: Re: Blacknight, Tobias   Tue Sep 16, 2014 1:02 am


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Blacknight, Tobias
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