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 Lockwood, Aria

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Aria Lockwood


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PostSubject: Lockwood, Aria   Mon Sep 08, 2014 12:46 pm

Aria Maria Lockwood
Name: Aria Maria Lockwood
Age: 19
Class: Witch
Blood: Pure

Mother: Amelia Lockwood
Father: Micheal Lockwood
Brother(s): Logan Lockwood|16
James Lockwood|15
Sister(s): Isabella Lockwood|14
Tyler Lockwood (Cousin on his father's side )
Landen Lockwood ( Cousin on his father's side)
Austin Lockwood ( Cousin on his father's side )
Serena Lockwood ( Cousin on his father's side )
Damon Lockwood ( Cousin on his father's side )

Playby: Kristina Bazan
Hair: Blonde,  straight most of times.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 167cm
Build: Slim
Skin: Soft.
Clothes: The girl likes to wear dresses most of times but of course she would wear pants, skirts, t-shirts, blouses and such other stuff too. She likes to wear high heels most of times but she doesn't say no to sneakers too when needed of them.
Overall Appearance: Aria has blonde hair, what sometimes looks like light blonde and then some other day might be dark blonde. She has blue eyes, what can be dark and light, they changes often too. She is quite slim for her age, she has never been chubby or anything like that. She isn't really that thin never too, she just eats normally and works out often.

Nationality: British
Good Qualities:
01. Loyal
02. Smart
03. Kind
04. Brave
05. Trustworthy
06. Sweet
07. Friendly
08. Artistic
09. Protective
010. Innocent
011. Naive
012. Honest
013. Smiley
014. Happy
015. Caring
Bad Qualities:
001. Clumsy sometimes
002. Shy around boys sometimes.
003. Can be mean
004. Stubborn
005. Can be bitch
006. Sarcastic at times.
+ Music
+ Reading
+ Cooking
+ Chewing
+ Cats
+ Piano
+ Kids/Children
+ Chocolate
+ Honesty
+ Singing (not in public)
- Dogs
- Rats
- Spiders
- Metal & Heavy music
- Rude people
- Singing in public
- Onion
- Kitting
Fears: Spiders, lose someone who is close with her, dogs.
General Personality: She has always described as sweet, kind, friendly and loyal person, what she is for real also too. She is the most sweetest and kindest girl who you have met. She is also very friendly towards people. Yes she is also loyal, and for that trustworthy too, she doesn't go and tell her friends secrets and other things what they want to third person until they want it to happen. She is quite brave but yeah tends to be little bit shy around boys. There is times when she is clumsy too mostly then when she is shy or doesn't know how to act around some people. She is also quite smart one, okay she has always loved to read and play piano, she did learn both in young age. There is times when she is rude and mean too, mostly then when you hurt her family, friends and people with who she is close. Then she isn't that sweet, kind and friendly anymore at all, she can be very bitchy then.

Early Years: She was born as the oldest kid to Amelia and Micheal Lockwood in 23th July 1995. She was only child until she was 3, then did born her first brother. A year later was born other brother and then one year after her second brother was born sister. Before the Hogwarts Aria did went to muggle school with her siblings and cousins. Aria wasn't that popular in there actually. She more like was reading books than hanging out with her friends, thanks to that she didn't had many friends at all. Mostly did spend her time with her siblings or then cousins and their friends.
Hogwarts Years: At her first day in Hogwarts school of magical she was sorted to Ravenclaw house. It was really a house for her, she liked the kids there, she liked everything you could say even.
Her first year was great, she did learn new things about magic. She made many good friends for rest of life. Of course she had good grades since she liked to read and she always did all her homework on time. She did even help her friends do it when they needed help.
Second year was good too. She did learn more stuff, she didn't have to learn how to fly with broom since she knew it already but she still did take that class just in the case. She did find many more friends with who to hang out or just study together.
Third year was also good one. It was full of happiness and joy. She did learn more new things and spells about magic. She really did like it here. She was glad to have so many friends with who she could chat in common room or out of it.
Fourth year was the year when she did began to have crush on one boy first time, he was three years older than her. She never didn't tell him how she felt about him. Her one closest friend just knew about it. But yeah she also did learn new things in this year.
Fifth year it was quite good year. That boy was she had crush last year did graduate and she never saw him again. So she was a little bit depressed at first but her friends made her smile all the time so she began slowly forget about him. She wanted to have fun of course. She did learn new things also in this year.
Sixth and Seventh year went past quite fast. Of course she had much fun in these years and also had few crushes on boys. She was always very smiley and happy person.
After Hogwarts / Adult: Before graduating she already knew who she wanted to become. It was Auror. So she now is been already two years Auror in training.

Alias: Krissu aka Kissu aka Kris
RP Experience: Few years
Other Characters: Clara Cadwallader
How did you find us?:
RP Sample: Puddifoot's
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Sophia Granger

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PostSubject: Re: Lockwood, Aria   Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:32 pm

Looks good Kris! Accepted!


Awesome set by my amazing Chassy pet!
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Lockwood, Aria
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