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 Clara Alexa Cadwallader

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Clara Cadwallader


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PostSubject: Clara Alexa Cadwallader    Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:05 am

Name: Clara Alexis Cadwallader
Age: 13
Class: Witch
Blood: Half

Mother: Su Cadwallader (nee Li), 34, Healer, Half
Father: Timothy Cadwallader, 34, Auror, Half
Brother(s): Carlos Cadwallader, 11, Hufflepuff, Half
Sister(s): Carola Cadwallader, 12, Hufflepuff, Half
Other: There is aunt from her mother side actually and her children but they don't keep touch with them

Playby: Seohyun (Seo Joo Hyun
Hair: She has brown hair, what is curly most of times. They are quite long too.
Eyes: color is brown.
Height: 168cm
Build: Thin.
Skin: Light
Clothes: She wears dresses and skirts most of times. She can wear jeans and other pants too if needed. Most of times you see her in high heels but she wears other too.
Overall Appearance: She has brown hair, what is quite long, it'c curly most of times but it's straight if she only wants. You can see her hair sometimes in ponytails too but nothing else. She has quite light skin. Her eyes are brown. She has korean blood in her and because of it she looks like one too.

Nationality: half korean and half british
Good Qualities:
01. Friendly
02. Smart
03. Brave
04. Sweet
05. Kind
06. Helpful
07. Sweet
08. Hardworking
09. Cheerful
010. Good Listener most of times.
Bad Qualities:
011. Sometimes trusts people too easily.
012. Does sometimes things on her way even if others say you should not do it like that.
013. Hates criticism.
014. Cares to much about people feelings
001. Studying
002. Music
003. Rain
004. Reading
005. Nature
006. Smiling
007. Singing
008. Writing her own song lyrics.
009. Playing guitar
0010. Bad books
0011. Mean people
0012. Selfish people
0013. Heavy meta
Fears: Spiders, small insects, too lose some close to her.
General Personality:Clara is very friendly girl, she can be even very friendly towards her biggest enemy. She is very sweet and kind too actually to be honest. She very polite too towards the people. She is never mean, actually then she can be if you really too piss her off or hurt someone about who she cares much. She likes to help other people, already when she was little girl actually. There is nothing what she fears most of times. Too be honest she have one thing and it is to lose some close to her, since yeah she cares about them very much. Most of times she is very brave girl. She also trust sometimes people too easily and she ends up hurting herself not others. She cares about other people feelings way to much. She is quite cheerful most of times, she just likes to smile a lot even if she is hurt she keeps smiling, she doesn't like people seeing her crying. So she cries only when she is alone and no one is seeing it. Only her closest friends and family have seen her cry actually but most of times she keeps that feeling in her side until she is alone. Also she is quite smart one for her age. Also very hardworking one, she always does all her homework on time and also does help others when they need help.

Early Years: First child of Timothy & Su Cadwallader. One year later Clara had a sister. They didn't get long very good but they still loved to play together. One more year later she had a brother. They all played all the time together. There was time when they didn't get along. Their family cat passed away when Lara was five. She loved that cat very much. That day she cried very much. After that day haven't happen really anything what should be mention. Only that couple months of before her eleventh b-day she received letter from Hogwarts.
Hogwarts Years: Clara was first year was quiet good, she had always known who she was since her parents didn't keep it as secret. So she had learned few magic tricks already back at home. She also was good at learning new stuff and she liked to work hard for her good grades. Of course she made a friends too there.
The second year was a good year too. She learned more and more about magic. She was quite popular when it came to helping out with homework and she didn't mind helping others out. It's year when her one sister became first yearer, so she had help her too.
Now it's currently her third year, let's see how it goes. So far it's gone good.
After Hogwarts / Adult: N/A

Alias: Krissu aka Kissu aka Kris
RP Experience: Few years
Other Characters: -
How did you find us?: Puddifoot's voting.
RP Sample:
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Christabelle Gania

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PostSubject: Re: Clara Alexa Cadwallader    Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:40 am


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Clara Alexa Cadwallader
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