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 Thorson, Maia

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Maia Thorson


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PostSubject: Thorson, Maia   Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:06 pm

Name: Maia Amelia Ashley Thorson
Age: 19
Class: Witch
Blood: Muggleborn

Mother: Amelia Thorson
Father: Andrew Thorson
Brother(s): Vicent Thorson and  Aaron Thorson
Sister(s): N/A
Other: N/A

Playby: Sophia Bush
Hair: long dark brown hair,  almost a black
Eyes: chocolate brown
Height: 5'7
Build:  Maia looks more like her father then anything, although she gotten her mother's short and petite form.  She inherited her mother's shortness,  but she hopes to grow more as she matures more into becoming a young woman.   She's average height for her age, but often looked as small and frail due to her petite look. She has some muscle on her due jogging around the lake and keeping in shape and eating right.  

Skin: soft porcelain like skin
Overall Appearance:
Maia is a mixture of her father and her mother,  but more like her father then anything.  Maia inherited her fathers dark brown  hair along with his strong jawline.  Although she inherited her mothers almond chocolate brown eyes along with her small lips and petite form.   Her dark hair cascades to the middle of her back usually put in or down her back.   Her skin is soft and pale, always pale due to her hating summer time.    Maia has blue topaz earrings(her birthstone) along with several necklaces,  but her favorite is her locket necklace with theThorson crest on it. Maia's clothing is nothing but the latest fashion, and nothing else.  Ally doesn't have a favorite color,  she wears anything that's cute and fashionable. 

Nationality: British
Good Qualities:

Bad Qualities:
-have to have things her way
-cold hearted
+spending time with her friends and loved ones
+rainy days
+winter time
+ Tyler Lockwood
hot days
-being looked down on
-messy people
-The  DA
-not seeing her friends and loved ones
-Eva being around Tyler and being his girlfriend
•not finding love *coughs* Tyler
General Personality:
Maia  is a very clever but arrogant self-centered girl who thinks nothing but about herself.  Maia prefers things going her way or the highway and doesn't care about anyone elses needs.  She's very hardworking as well as determined and driven to reach her dreams.  Although she may have some Slytherin traits to her to this day,but she was and always will be a Ravenclaw through and through.  She's as smart as a whip, and she loves learning new things.  She can be a bit of a loner as well shy at times,  but she simply thinks her shyness as a weakness.

Early Years:
Maia Amelia Ashley Thorson was born December 29th.  by Amelia and Andrew Thorson.   Maia is the youngest and the only girl out of the the three Thorson siblings. Maia being Muggleborn,  was raised by muggle standards and the muggle way.  When Maia was young,  she went to a muggle private school and met Tyler Lockwood,  her best friend until he gotten into a car wreck and lost his memory of her when he was five years old.  Shocked by the news, Maia did everything to make Tyler remember her but nothing.  It was shortly after Tyler's car wreck that Tyler met Eva and her world was turned upside down,  Tyler replaced her with Eva,  furious Maia vowed to that day to make Eva's life a living hell due to her taking Tyler away from her.  

Hogwarts Years:
At the age of eleven Maia was accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and sorted into Ravenclaw.  Just like any other first year,  Maia was amazed by the castle and it's beauty and how big it was.   As the second year rolled around,  Maia tried getting Tyler's attention again by befriending him again,  being friends with him again made Maia happy but he started paying more attention to Eva than her as always.   As years rolled on and they joined their fifth year at Hogwarts,  Tyler gotten afraid of Maia's obsession with him and ended the friendship,  but Maia just wanted her best friend and crush back that was taking away from her.   Maia did well on her OWLs making 8 in total,  as their seventh year came and Eva disappeared she thought Tyler would be hers but Tyler never stopped thinking about stupid Eva,  Maia graduated with top marks and went on to work at the ministry.  
After Hogwarts / Adult:
After Hogwarts,  Maia went to work in the Law Enforcement part of the ministry,  she tried being a Auror like Tyler but they kicked her out after they found out about her obsession with Tyler still.  Maia thought after two years of Eva missing,   Tyler would give up and go to her,  but Tyler never gave up on finding Eva.   It pains her to see her best friend and crush in the arms of another,  Maia kept her promise to get back at Eva,  it's only a matter of time.  

Alias: Maura ( Mars )
RP Experience: awhile now!
Other Characters: Serena Lockwood,  Maura Goldstein
How did you find us?: Sophy Kitty!  Yo!
RP Sample:
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Christabelle Gania

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PostSubject: Re: Thorson, Maia   Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:34 pm


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Thorson, Maia
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