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 O'Leary, Faith

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Faith OLeary


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PostSubject: O'Leary, Faith   Sat Aug 23, 2014 12:59 am

Faith Aileen O'Leary
Name: Faith Aileen O'Leary
Age: 14
Class: Witch
Blood: Pure

Mother: Josefina O'Leary
Father: Seamus O'Leary
Brother(s): Vincent O'Leary - deceased
Sister(s): none
Other: Aunt Terry Lawson

Playby: Emily Rudd
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Bright blue
Height: Five foot even
Build: Thin, slightly curved.
Skin: Pale, but rosy cheeked.
Clothes: Usually dresses as well as she can, after all, one should always dress to impress.
Overall Appearance: One look at this girl could tell a person that she's just as mouselike as her pet, which she usually has resting on her shoulder. There's a sort of very intelligent look in her eyes, though her face usually has a somewhat worried expression on it. She has a tendency to chew her lip and wring her hands, as her anxiety, for no reason in particular (or perhaps, for all the reasons in the world.) She is remarkably tidy, and usually keeps her workspace and dormspaces in the same condition that she keeps herself; neat and very, very clean. In fact, if a person didn't know any better, they might even think the girl might be a little bit of a germophobe. The girl is rarely seen with other people, preferring to keep to herself. Often found with her nose in a book, she seems to be on quite good terms with most of her teachers, as she's always going out of her way to solve problems, do extra credit assignments, and learn as much as she can.

However, if a person were to really get to know this girl, they might discover that she has a slightly feisty side, too. If challenged, she rises to the occasion, and if she is quite trusting of a person- she may even be a little bit playful. Speaking to the girl will reveal a slight stutter; but it seems that the stutter vanishes more and more the more comfortable she is with a person, or in a situation. She seems at her absolute best when in a classroom setting.

Nationality: A very strange blend of Irish, Scottish, and Spaniard.
Good Qualities: Keenly intelligent, a strange ability to rise to the occasion, Potions making, Learns very quickly, Fiercely adept with curses, jinxes, and hexes- a secret she keeps very very very close.
Bad Qualities: Her overly shy nature, a slight inability to communicate with others at times, fear, overly trusting of others, can't seem to master Defense Against the Dark Arts. She is weak when it comes to the memory of her brother, and it can be used against her with ease- at the same time, it makes her have particularly dark thoughts at times.
Likes: Learning, Books, Her Teachers, Sweets, Bad boys (but that's a secret.)
Dislikes: Being left out (though she pretends she doesn't care), Failing at anything, Making a fool of herself, Remembering her darker secrets, Missing her brother.
Fears: The dark, insects, that someone might find out her family's dark secrets, that someone might find out about her dark secrets, or that what she was warned about her wand might be true.
General Personality: Faith O'Leary is a strange girl, to say the very least. Though she generally tends to be at the top of all of her classes, she struggles (if that's what you can call a just below perfect grade) with Defense Againt the Dark arts. She also struggles with making friends, as she tends to be afraid of absolutely anything with a shadow. Faith tends to avoid any sort of blatant contact with other people, as people are just plain scary. When she does, however, a person might discover that she's actually a very sweet girl indeed, who only means the best... usually.

The thing is, Faith holds a very dark secret. By pure accident, she discovered once that she was quite talented with the darker sorts of magic. This discovery only scared her even further- making her even more shaky and mouselike. She does her very best to stay on everyone's good side, for fear that someone might somehow find out her little secret. If that knowledge were to get into the wrong hands... could she possibly lose someone, the way she lost her brother so long ago?

Early Years: Miss O'Leary's background is kept very well hidden, for the most part. Her family perhaps hasn't always been the greatest sorts of folks. Her mother and father both were in House Ravenclaw, and she hopes to be in it too, but that wasn't always the case for her family. As it stands; there were, at one time, several Slytherins, and even a few rogue wizards, all who weren't exactly the nicest people, nor on the 'proper' side of the law. Her mother and father did everything they could to steer her in the right directions, away from any sort of dark lifestyle- but her life, three days before her first day at Hogwarts, was forever changed by the sudden- and violent- death of her older brother, Vincent. Faith didn't witness his death personally, but heard what sounded like a scream, and when she arrived in the room she'd heard it from- she was the one to discover his lifeless body.

It is highly speculated that the cause of her erratic, nervous behavior must have been this very incident- and secretly, she agrees. Her first two years at Hogwarts were spent madly searching for any sorts of answers as to what had happened to her brother- and her searches brought her to dark discoveries that she only felt tempted to explore more. Being naive as she was, she entertained these temptations, which eventually led to her discovery about her talent with dark magic, particularly curses and hexes. The discovery, however, scared her very much, and she stopped practicing, thinking it to be a horrilble idea entirely, that wouldn't bring any good to her, or anyone else for that matter.
Hogwarts Years: Not much of consequence has taken place since her enrollment at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The thing is, Faith knows very well that she must keep her head down in her books if she ever plans on uncovering the truth about the various secrets shrouding the truth of her family from her view. During the summers, she takes trips up to the attic in her family's home to try and find clues, and during the school year, she is on her best behavior, making allies with teachers, and spending most of her time in the library. She hopes to learn more- even if it's probably the worst idea she could possibly have. Perhaps the only out of the norm thing the girl does is ask several questions about becoming an animagus- it seems to be an obsession of hers, and she actively seeks a mentor- despite the urgings of many people for her to cut it out.
After Hogwarts / Adult: N/A

Alias: Alice
RP Experience: A whole lot, I've been roleplaying since I was about... ten, and I'm twenty one now, so I think I've got some pretty okay credentials under my belt. ;p
Other Characters: Lots, but none on here just yet.
How did you find us?: PUddifoot!
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PostSubject: Re: O'Leary, Faith   Sat Aug 23, 2014 1:26 am

Approved and welcome to our site! Don't forget to do your claims and Sorting Hat Quiz!

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O'Leary, Faith
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