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 Heir To The Throne

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PostSubject: Heir To The Throne   Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:07 am

In the five years since Lord Voldemort was defeated, the Ministry of Magic has been hard at work to rebuild their great nation into the superpower it used to be. But in their desperation to make everything go back to “normal,” society has stopped moving forward, and some people are taking notice. Now the two major political powers of the land are clashing, struggling for control, one believing slow-and-steady wins the race, the other eager to evolve the Wizarding World into the modern society it's meant to be.

Though things are heating up at the Ministry, the world feels safer. The Dark Lord is gone, there are no more wars, and the magical people of Great Britain feel secure. A new era at Hogwarts has begun, and despite their scars from the war, everyone seems ready to move on. But with students disappearing and rumors of a force moving in the shadows, some fear something dangerous and dark is building, growing in strength, waiting for the right time to emerge and create chaos once more.

Will the Wizarding World once again be at war? Which side will you be on?

Genres: Harry Potter, Post-Potter, AU, Mystery
Prophet/Quibbler || Student Internships|| Playable Quidditch (Coming Soon) || Special Events || Wide Variety of Characters || Chat Room (Coming Soon) || Contests || Writing Challenges || Puzzles || No Word Count
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Heir To The Throne
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