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 Arizona James

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Arizona James


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PostSubject: Arizona James   Sat Aug 16, 2014 5:51 pm

Name: Arizona Rider James (Formerly William "Billy" Buckley)
Age: 16
Class: Wizard
Blood: Pure

Mother: Lola Buckley (nee Freiheit)
Father: Hal Buckley
Brother(s): Starling Buckley, Sparrow Buckley (Deceased), Robin Buckley
Sister(s): Korynne Buckley

Playby: William Moseley
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5'2"
Build: Fit
Skin: White, tanned sometimes.
Clothes: Arizona James is often seen wearing tight jeans, button-up shirts in plaid or checker board, and has a red bandanna. He often wears cowboy boots, even to class. He is fond of the color yellow, and much of his clothing is yellow, including his boots and his shirts.
Overall Appearance: Arizona James is your typical "pretty boy" and "heart breaker", with looks to die for. He is often shirtless when working out, just so people get a good look at his toned body. He will sometimes wear contacts that make his eyes look yellow, mainly to switch things up a bit.

Nationality: British
Good Qualities: True to himself, great with animals, passionate, compassionate, hard-working, skilled with music, charismatic.
Bad Qualities: Egotistical, tends to try to push his beliefs (especially veganism, and sometimes without knowing it), manipulative, a bit "in your face", very little sense of self-preservation, show-off, isn't very intelligent or witty.
Likes: Animals, the colour yellow, risky activities, vegan food, music, daydreaming, boys, hands-on studying, romance films, sports.
Dislikes: Meat, fur or leather products (animal products in general), class (though he still attends and studies hard anyway), insects, hunters, bad pet owners.
Fears: Eating or using something that has animal products, wasps.
General Personality: Arizona James has a "live life to the fullest" attitude, except when it means eating something with animal products. He tends to push his views on other people sometimes, even when he doesn't mean to, though most of the time he is civil and will not even bring it up. He has little sense of self-preservation, and will often do dangerous stuff just for the thrill. Whenever he sees an animal or a human in distress, he will stop to help, no matter what the cost may be to him, but you can bet that he will flaunt his achievement later.

Early Years: Arizona James was born Billy Buckley, a very much unremarkable child. He was the second of five children, and wanted to prove that he was someone. He tried excelling by being a young genius, but that didn't work as he wasn't the genius type. Instead, he opted for physical feats and ended up being the most fit in his family. His family, including his siblings, all fed into his massive ego and made him believe that he could achieve anything. He was once saved by a deer when he was hiking: the deer blocked a hunter's bullet when it was about to hit him as he walked through the woods. From then on, he wanted to focus on helping creatures that couldn't help themselves. Unfortunately, the deer that saved Arizona had died.
Hogwarts Years: Arizona's animal activism resumed into his current years. He saved a frog from starving and being forgotten in some boy's backpack. He is someone displeased when he goes to the Great Hall and finds that there is little vegan options available. He works hard in his studies, and tries to get good grades, and even aspires to be a Quidditch player. He is a little bit of a keener, but tends to burn out in the middle of the year.
After Hogwarts / Adult: N/A

Alias: Brianna Firestave
RP Experience: Around six years.
Other Characters: Reinhild Raedwulf, Percival Arrow
How did you find us?: Christy
RP Sample:
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Sophia Granger

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PostSubject: Re: Arizona James   Sat Aug 16, 2014 6:48 pm

Looks good love, accepted! Don't forget to claim your playby and all that fun stuff! Smile


Awesome set by my amazing Chassy pet!
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Arizona James
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