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 Layla Pierce

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Layla Pierce


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PostSubject: Layla Pierce   Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:24 pm

Name: Layla Jade Pierce
Age: 17
Class: Witch
Blood: Half

Mother: Alana Earnshaw - Pierce
Father: Unknown Biological father, Joel Pierce - stepdad
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): Scarlett Pierce (5)
Other: Cat: Mischief

Playby: Emilie de Ravin
Hair: Long, Blonde, Wavy, dark highlights
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6”
Build: Not fat, but has some meat to her.
Skin: Tanned
Clothes: Layla mostly wears tank-tops with either high-waisted shorts or tight fitting faded jeans in the summer. During School time and in the winter, she's usually seen bundled up even more than others with thick sweaters and comfy sweat-pants, when not in her school uniform.
Overall Appearance: Layla gives off the appearance of sportiness. She's tanned, with her hair either pulled back from her face or left hanging, but tucked behind her ears. In the summer she's almost always showing skin, with short-shorts and tank-tops.

However in the winter-time she completely changes, her hair is down around her face, not tucked behind her ears. Her clothes change from showing skin to covering up as much as possible and sometimes even covering herself in a blanket even while in classes.

Nationality: Australian
Good Qualities: Sporty, Comforting, Happy, Mediator, Loyal, Conversational, Extrovert
Bad Qualities: Careless, Clumsy, Distracted, Quiet, Procrastinates, Judgmental, Lazy, Egotistical
Likes: Warmth, Eating Sweets, Watching Quidditch, Meditating, Mischief (her cat)
Dislikes: Getting up early, Rude People, Unattractive People,
Fears: Heights, Losing her cat, Getting fat.
General Personality: Layla is the complete opposite of what her physical appearance suggests. Layla loves sitting around chatting with friends and petting her cat (Mischief). Her main motivation in life is warmth. Which is why she's so tanned, she sits outside in the warm sunlight in the summer, and in the winter she bundles up as warm as she can. During the winter she can often be seen toting around a blanket to lay over her legs during class.

Layla is extremely lazy, preferring to sit still for long amounts of time then to do any physical exertion. She loves to meditate and only gets up to do physical activity to keep her appearance looking good, as she's very judgmental towards people who aren't beautiful or are too thin or too fat. She views her looks as what everyone should strive for, though she won't often say that aloud. She keeps a lot of her judgments to herself, and will be perfectly friendly with a person she finds unappealing.

Layla is friendly, though quiet, and can sometimes appear to be shallow in how she behaves. Though there is a twisting mind behind the fears and thoughts she has that focuses on physical appearance. She's learned through life that if she's pretty she'll get what she wishes with minimal effort, so she puts her effort towards her appearance.

Early Years: Layla's mother doesn't know who the father of Layla was. She says during that time of her life she had a one-night stand with an extremely handsome Muggle man who stole her heart. However after that night, Alana became pregnant and she never heard from him again. For most of Layla's childhood she was an only child, her mother was a single mother working two full time jobs in Diagon Alley at Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions and the Magical Menagerie. Layla grew up in Diagon Alley for the most part, having been brought there by her mother who couldn't afford a baby-sitter, and left to wander the streets or sit in the lobby of one of her jobs while her mother worked.

Most of the summer Layla spent outside, running around and making friends with the people of Diagon Alley, during the winter however, Layla would sit in the building her mother was working at, with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and sit quietly for extended periods of time. It was no surprise to the family when Layla got her letter to Hogwarts and with what her mother saved up from her jobs, Layla was sent off to Hogwarts.
Hogwarts Years: It was during her first year of Hogwarts that her mother sent her a letter stating that she was getting married. Over her first year's winter break Layla went home to watch her mother marry a man named Joel, who she had met at Madam Malkin's. Layla hated Joel, and refused to call him father, simply calling him Joel, even though he was a pleasant enough man. When Layla got into her second year of Hogwarts, she got another letter from her mother stating she was pregnant, and Layla was going to have a little sister.

Shocked by the news, Layla didn't respond to the letter and when she finally got home for Summer break, was greeted by a tiny blond-haired sister named Scarlett. Layla fell in love with her little sister instantly, and took care of her as though she were her own baby, rocking her to sleep, changing her diapers, and sometimes just watching her sleep in her crib. Layla doted over her sister and was loathe to leave for Hogwarts that coming year. The rest of her time at Hogwarts flew by quickly. She managed to get OWLs in all her favorite subjects, and took an emphasis in Care of Magical Creatures due to her love for her cat, Mischief, and the animals that she was around when her mother worked at the Magical Menagerie. Now in her last year of Hogwarts, Layla has decided she wants to open her own pet shop in Diagon Alley.
After Hogwarts / Adult: N/A

Alias: Molz
RP Experience: Ten years this September
Other Characters: Felix Barker, Chase Moor, Ailey Walker
How did you find us?: Christy
RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Layla Pierce   Sat Aug 16, 2014 6:38 pm

Lovely app Chassy pet! Accepted love, don't forget to claim your playby and all that cool stuff! Wink


Awesome set by my amazing Chassy pet!
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Layla Pierce
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