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 Lockwood, James

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James Lockwood


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PostSubject: Lockwood, James   Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:52 am

Name: James Tyler Michael Lockwood
Age: 15
Class: Wizard
Blood: pureblood

Mother: Amelia Lockwood
Father: Michael Lockwood
Logan Lockwood|16
Amber Lockwood | 14
Aria Lockwood | 13
Tyler Lockwood (Cousin on his father's side )
Landen Lockwood ( Cousin on his father's side)
Austin Lockwood ( Cousin on his father's side )
Serena Lockwood ( Cousin on his father's side )
Damon Lockwood ( Cousin on his father's side )

Playby: Ross Lynch
Hair:  short blonde messy hair
Eyes: brown 
Height: 5'10
Build: average,  but a bit muscular
Skin: pale,  but has a bit of a tan to it
Overall Appearance:
Jame is 5'11 in height with a broad face with striking brown eyes and messy blond hair.  James's style is a mixture of a mixture of prep and rock to it.  Although James looks good in any color, so he isn't picky although yellow is his favorite color.  When James is on Holidays or weekends, he wears anything from a shirt with a plaid shirt over it or a simple button down with a  with blue jeans with converses.  When he's at school he wears his Hufflepuff robe, but it looks rather crisp and neat for he liked his clothes to be neat.

Nationality: British
Good Qualities:
quick leaner
good/quick reflexes
Bad Qualities:
Cold hearted(at times)
a bit self-centered
bluntly honest
can be a bit harsh at times
bit of a loner at times

rainy days
winter time
his family

annoying people
people who talk to much
death eaters
evil Slytherin
hot days
not spending time with his family
people hurting his friends and loved ones
James's biggest fear is losing his loved ones(family) and friends,  they helped them through so much in life, losing them would crush James!
General Personality:
When you first look at James, the first thing you would probably see is a Slytherin, well... you would be somewhat right, he does have quite a bit of Slytherin traits in him.  Although James is Hufflepuff through and through though, he's very caring and he loved helping others.  He's a good friend as well as a good listener when it comes to people needs.  Although he's VERY stubborn and down right bluntly honest to where it sometimes hurts people feelings and makes them cry, his honesty sometimes comes across as harsh at times.  Although he's VERY loyal, and will do anything to keep his friends and loved ones safe.  He's very smart and clever and very neat as well, he hated everything to be out of order or out of place.

James is very down to earth type of person, but he sometimes is a loner due to him wanting some time alone to himself to think.  He's caring to the last drop, and he's always putting others before himself.   Although at times James can be VERY arrogant and very rude but it's only when he's having a bad day or someone gotten on his bad side.

Early Years:
James Tyler Michael Lockwood was born to Michael and Amelia Lockwood on January 18th 2011 on a cold snowy day.  James is the second oldest out of the Lockwood siblings.  When James  was young, he went to a muggle private school with his siblings and his cousins,  he was just like any normal muggle kid but his friends started calling him a freak due to weird things happening when he was around.  Not having anyone to turn to, he turned to his siblings and cousins.  James didn't start having friends until he went to Hogwarts and met his best friend Maura.
Hogwarts Years:At the age of eleven James gotten accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly.  The moment the sorting hat was placed on his head, he was sorted into Hufflepuff instantly.  The first few weeks James was VERY shy,  he barely talked to anyone but he slowly gotten over it as he started getting some friends in his house and year.   Like any first year, he gotten lost and was often late to his classes due to him getting lost. Now as a fifth year, he's ready to take his OWL's and pass them to become a Auror!
After Hogwarts / Adult: still in Hogwarts!

Alias: Seth
RP Experience: about 5 years
Other Characters: nope!
How did you find us?: Sophy Kitty!
RP Sample:

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Sophia Granger

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PostSubject: Re: Lockwood, James   Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:26 am

Accepted! Don't forget to do your face claim and stuff!


Awesome set by my amazing Chassy pet!
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Lockwood, James
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