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 Parker, Oliver Parker

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Isaac Parker


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PostSubject: Parker, Oliver Parker   Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:02 am

Isaac Oliver Parker
Name: Isaac Parker
Age: 28
Class: Wizard
Blood: Pureblood

Mother: Jasmin Parker
Father: Paul Parker
Sister(s): Isabella Parker

Playby: Stephan Amell
Hair: Short, cropped hair (brown)
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'1
Build: Muscular
Skin: Slightly pale with a healthy tan
Clothes: A brown jumper, blue jeans and an old sneaker
Overall Appearance:

Standing 6'1, Isaac Parker is in peak human condition from of all his intense training. He is a handsome lad, the type to make any girl swoon. His hair is brown in colour which he keeps cropped. His eyes are pale gray and blue. His complexion is slightly pale, but thanks to all the outdoor activities he does in order to maintain a healthy colour. He often wears a brown jumper that he hasn't washed in weeks, pair of jeans and a pair of old sneakers.

Nationality: English
Good Qualities:

+ Caring
+ Friendly
+ Loyal
+ Adventurous
+ Self-righteous
+ Charming

Bad Qualities:

- Loud
- Obnoxious
- Always drinking
- Smells like a dirty sock
- Overprotective
- Lunatic
- Big spender


+ The Beatles
+ Rock 'N' Roll
+ Burgers (Especially The Aussy Burger)
+ Pea Soup
+ Blueberry Tarts
+ Women
+ Cars, Bikes & Trucks
+ Speeding (With Many Tickets)


- Dementors
- People Hurting Others (And Animals)
- Azkaban
- Ex Best Friend, Walter
- Kids on Knight Bus

General Personality:

Meet Isaac Oliver Parker, as crazy as he is charming. He's a Knight bus driver. If you need to get somewhere fast, he is the man you should seek.  But beware, he is a little.. off with the pixies. Born into the lap of luxury, with no responsibility to speak of, he had everything a child could ever ask for. Loving parents, wealth and anything else. One day, on one of his drunken spells, he spotted his friend stealing something and tried to stop him, only resulting in being framed for the robbery. He was sentenced to Azkaban for seven years and now he is released on parole. His family  and friends realised he wasn't the same when he came out. He was a changed man. Despite this, he is fiercely noble and kind towards others. He's caring and has a great sense of humour that makes up for his craziness. His only friends are his house elf, Mimi and cat, Liquorice. He is a big rock and roll fan, ranging from AC/DC, The Beatles and Nirvana to Wolfmother.

Early Years:

Isaac was born a spoilt kid, there was not a single day he could remember where he didn't have anything he wanted. Not one day he couldn't remember just clicking his finger and getting everything on a silver platter. His father was Paul Peterson Parker, a club owner and his mother, Jasmine Parker, a healer. He lived in a mansion, in one of the finest estates of London. Five years later his sister, Isabella Elizabeth Parker, was born. Before he attended Hogwarts, he went to a private school, where he learnt basic english, maths and other necessary skills. His favourite subject was language, for he could speak many, such as Russian, French, Greek, German, Latin and Japanese.

Hogwarts Years:

At age 11, he received a letter from Hogwarts, which said that he was accepted to attend The Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. Excited as he was, his parents took him to Diagon Alley in search to buy his school things. They didn't leave until it was dark. They got him a new school uniform (tailored only by the best), books, his first wand and a pet cat for company, in case he gets lonely. He waved farewell and went on his way. He was sorted into Gryffindor as a start to his new adventure. He had a normal childhood, friends to hang out with, he did his school work and passed his exams, although, he never had any ambitions. With his father wealth under his belt, he didn't need to worry about work. He just assumed that he would just work for his father and that'd be the end of it.

After Hogwarts / Adult: (If Applicable)

After seven years of school, Isaac graduated from Hogwarts and still, with no ambitions. He wandered about, going to clubs and partying all night. 'Til one day his best friend, Walter, got involved with the wrong crowd, doing all things illegal and framed Isaac for robbery. He pleaded not-guilty, but, was convicted and sent to jail for seven years. During his time in Azkaban, an inmate taught him how to use wand less and non-verbal magic. He was there for seven years, with nothing to do, he mastered the art. He served his time and now he is ready to go home, although, things are not the same for him. Since returning, his family and friends discovered that he isn't the same person as he used to be. Since he been to Azkaban, it restricted him to having a normal job. He spends his days as the bus-driver from hell.

Alias: KA
RP Experience: 8 years +
Other Characters: Daniel Grayson, Harry Potter, Kaiden Aritza
How did you find us?: Christy
RP Sample:
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Isaac Parker


Number of posts : 8
Location (HP World) : Knight Bus
Student/Adult : Adult
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Registration date : 2014-08-04

PostSubject: Re: Parker, Oliver Parker   Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:36 am

DONE! (I think)....
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Christabelle Gania

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PostSubject: Re: Parker, Oliver Parker   Mon Aug 04, 2014 3:57 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Parker, Oliver Parker   

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Parker, Oliver Parker
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