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 Aritza, Elliot Kaiden

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Kaiden Artitza


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PostSubject: Aritza, Elliot Kaiden   Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:58 am

Kaiden Elliot Aritza
Name: Kaiden Elliot
Age: Sixteen
Class: Wizard
Blood: Pureblood

Mother: Steph Aritza
Father: John Aritza
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A
Other: N/A

Playby: Patrick Schwarzenegger
Hair: Long and brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'1
Build: Lean and athletic
Skin: Tan
Clothes: Usually seen with expensive clothes
Overall Appearance:

Kaiden has an athletic and tall body, he is attractive. He has long light brown wavy hair and light brown eyes. Caiden usually goes out with a clean shaven face but every now and then he gets lazy grows a bit of stubbles on his face. He has a nice shade of brown on his skin giving him a tanned sort of look. He has a long neck which sort of helped him get his tall look and has a small adam-apple in the middle.

Nationality: English
Good Qualities:

Good at Duelling
Good sense of humour

Bad Qualities:

Over Passionate




Admitting defeat
Being judge quickly
Allowing himself to be exposed.


A flock of birds

General Personality:

Kaiden is often perceived as thrill-seeking, boisterous and high spirited. He is always looking for adventures. He is given to be whimsical and rather often, puts himself in front of danger without a second opinion. This is his strong point, however, it is also his biggest failing. 

He is kind and caring towards others. He is immensely loyal to the ones he cares about. Kaiden is a likable guy, he's very sarcastic and making jokes about almost everything even at the toughest moments. He takes in a charismatic boyish charm with a rebellious streak and mischievous.  

He strongly fears flocks of bird after he was assailed by one on a picnic trip with his mum, nevertheless, he takes it in his stride to be courageous and never to show his weaknesses. 

Early Years:

Kaiden was born on November 22nd, he was born into a rich family, his mother had inherited her fathers wealth and started her family off very well. As a baby, his father left him as soon as he was born so he didn't know his father very well. Kaiden childhood wasn't a bright childhood he and his mother was always constantly abused by his mother's boyfriend. Kaiden always got sick of being verbally and physically abuse he often squabbled with his mother but she was too scarred to do anything. Kaiden had to learn to survive on his own because his mother neglected to look after him only because she was too weak and tired from all the abuse she was getting. He quickly had to learn to cook for himself, to clean up the house by him self. He eventually had enough and started rebelling out against his mother and started stealing other stuff from the shops even though he could've brought them.

Hogwarts Years:

At age 11 Kaiden received a letter stating that he was accepted into Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He couldn't wait to go to Hogwart, he wanted to go so badly but unfortunately his mother wanted him to go to Durmstrang which he didn't want to. After convincing his mother to change her mind he finally won and his mother took him to the diagon alley to buy all his school supplies and showed him stuff beyond his imagination.

During his stay at Hogwart, Kaiden wasn't very popular at Hogwart, no one really liked him and picked him almost everyday because of his fears of birds and because of his intellect, he was almost always the top of the class. Kaiden is a quiet person and didn't do much in his Hogwart years, he spent most of it in the library studying or in the dueling room, fighting everyone and almost winning every round with some quick thinking. Which didn't help with his reputations.

After Hogwarts / Adult: (If Applicable)

Alias: KA
RP Experience: 8 years +
Other Characters: Daniel Grayson
How did you find us?: Christy
RP Sample:

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Kaiden Artitza


Number of posts : 20
Location (HP World) : Hogwarts
Mood : Brooding
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Registration date : 2014-08-04

PostSubject: Re: Aritza, Elliot Kaiden   Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:26 am

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Felix Barker

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PostSubject: Re: Aritza, Elliot Kaiden   Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:32 am

Accepted! Don't forget to take your sorting quiz and fill out claims lists!

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PostSubject: Re: Aritza, Elliot Kaiden   

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Aritza, Elliot Kaiden
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