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 Potter, James Harry

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Harry Potter


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PostSubject: Potter, James Harry   Mon Aug 04, 2014 3:11 am

Harry James Potter
Name: Harry Potter
Age: 34
Class: Wizard (gryffindor alumni)


Lily Potter [deceased]
Molly Weasley [mother in law]


James Potter [deceased]
Arthur Weasley [father in law]


Ron Weasley [brother-in-law]
Fred Weasley [deceased]
George Weasley [brother-in-law]
Bill Weasley [brother-in-law]
Percy Weasley [brother-in-law]
Charlie Weasley [brother-in-law]


Hermione Weasley [step sister]


Ginny Weasley [spouse]
James Sirius Potter [son]
Albus Severus Potter [son]
Lily Luna Potter [daugther]

Playby: Daniel Radcliffe
Hair: Dark and combed backwards
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'5 ft
Build: Lean with athletic psychique  
Skin: Pale
Clothes: A black and white suit and pants
Overall Appearance:

Harry Potter has always been small and skinny for someone his age. A thin face, knobbly knees, dark hair; perpetually messy. He wore round glasses. Brilliant green eyes, the same as his mother; his eyes are all that keeps him from looking like his father. A scar shaped like a lightning bolt on his forehead created by You-Know-Who, the night he killed his parents. During his fifth year, Harry also had a self-inflicted scar permanently etched on the back of his right hand: "I must not tell lies,"


[x] English

Good Qualities:

[+] Courageous
[+] Loyal
[+] Selfless
[+] Compassionate
[+] Adventurous
[+] Strong willed
[+] Determined
[+] A leader, with a streak of rebellious and mischievous

Bad Qualities:

[+] Headstrong
[+] Cocky
[+] Risk Taking
[+] Easily Angered
[+] Can be obsessive to get to the bottom of thing
[+] Obsession with death


[+] His family
[+] His friends
[+] Quidditch
[+] Flying on his broomstick
[+] His job
[+] Day off
[+] Magic
[+] Some peace at the end of the day
[+] Spending time with family
[+] Ginny
[+] Good food and butterbeer


[-] Fame
[-] Death eaters
[-] Killing
[-] Dark arts
[-] Blood prejudice
[-] Injustice
[-] Dementors
[-] Being nagged
[-] Nagging people
[-] Fire whiskey


[-] Losing someone he loves
[-] Dark days approach again

General Personality:

Harry has always been caring, loyal and kind to everyone, even to the ones he loves. He drives on the thrill of adventure. A risk-taker, he tends to get obsessed to get to the bottom of things and even death.

Early Years:

Everybody knows the story about the boy who lived by now. The tale has been recounted many times, how his parent died when he was a baby, how he, somehow, magically survived and was sent to live with his dreadful Uncle and Aunt - along with Dudley. Living with the Dudley's wasn't exactly what he called good life, but he put up with it.

Hogwarts Years:

At aged 11, he received a letter from from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was sorted into Gryffindor, destined for all the trouble there were bound to come. He had many adventures in Hogwarts, that his two best friends got into, several time almost getting himself, constantly facing the Dark Lord times and time again.  

After Hogwarts / Adult: (If Applicable)

Turning 16, he left Hogwarts after the Headmaster of the school, Albus Dumbledore was killed and ventured out to find the seven horcrux in order to kill the Voldemort, leaving the world finally at peace they deserve.

He was celebrated as hero, therefore becoming the boy who lived and now the boy who saved the world.

He quickly rose in fame, everyone wanted an interview, an autograph or just wanted to shake his hand in honor. Everyone wanted to meet him. He tried his best to avoid it. For three years, Harry hid in the Burrows to live with the Weasley. He took care of unfinished business and tried to his best to help everyone through their losses.

Soon after the war, everything started to settle down. The Golden Trio, Harry, Ron and Hermione got a visit for the Ministry and was offered a job to become an Auror without the doing their NEWTs.

He continued to assist everyone with their grieving, starting with the Weasley for Fred, whilst all together mourning for the death of Remus and Tonks. As promised he looked after Ted Lupin, his godson and visited Andromeda and Teddy all the time.

Harry found himself and settled into a nice home, somewhere near the Weasley.

In the end, he ended up with Ginny once again. This time without the burden of killing the most powerful wizards in the world. They were both able to have a decent relationship, he didn't have to hold back his love for her. Ginny continued to finish her last year of school and Harry worked hard to capture the remaining death eaters that managed to escape.

3 years later, he proposed to her on Valentine's day in a romantic restaurant. He was welcomed into the Weasley family and held a huge party in celebration of their engagement.

They held their wedding in 2002, with their family and friends.

Ginny and Harry was greeted by good news, when they found out that she was pregnant with James Sirius Potter, four years into their marriage. A year, Albus Severus Potter was born and another year after that, they welcomed Lily Luna Potter.

In 2007, he managed to become head of the Auror office. 15 years after that, his kids finally went to Hogwarts where they write their own story and continue the Potter legacy.

Alias: KA
RP Experience: 8 years
Other Characters: Daniel Grayson
How did you find us?: Christabelle Gania
RP Sample:
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Potter, James Harry
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