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 Ellie Burgess

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Ellie Burgess


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PostSubject: Ellie Burgess   Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:32 pm

Name: Ellie Burgess
Age: 11
Class: Witch
Blood: Half-blood

Mother: Chelsea Burgess: Witch; Works at St. Mungos as a Healer.
Father: John Burgess: Muggle; Accountant
Brother(s): Zachary Burgess: 13, Wizard, Goes to Hogwarts.
Sister(s): Phoebe Burgess: 15, Witch, Goes to Hogwarts.
Other: 2 aunts, 3 uncles.

Playby: Elle Fanning
Hair: Blonde, curly, long.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'2”
Build: Athletic Slender
Skin: Pale
Clothes: Can be dressy, she enjoys dressing up when not in her school uniform. On her lazy days she dresses down to sweatpants and a tank top.
Overall Appearance: Ellie doesn't like to wear her hair down, she enjoys wearing accessories, average for her is having a lot of accessories to others, in necklaces, bracelets and rings. Her parents don't let her wear makeup, but she wears it anyway, however she keeps it simple. Ellie likes to wear vintage dresses and cute clothes. She enjoys her fashion and dresses to it.

Nationality: Wales
Good Qualities: Friendly, cooperative, outgoing, mediator, Loyal occasionally adventurous, does not mind getting dirty, excitable (At least she thinks it's good), good memory
Bad Qualities: talkative, talks to herself on occasion, gets lost in her thoughts, and will sometimes speak them aloud to herself. Interrupts conversations in her desire to talk more. Annoying, naïve, excitable (everyone finds it annoying at times)
Likes: Plants, Reading her siblings schoolbooks (especially Herbology and potions), fashion, cats, peanut butter and chocolate.
Dislikes: jelly, people who aren't happy, hates snakes, dreary days,  the idea of sorrow, crying
Fears: Snakes, spiders, bugs in general, being alone.
General Personality: Ellie is a very quirky person, she loves talking to people and making friends. If she's not with another person, she starts getting very anxious and in her view almost hyperventilates. On dreary days Ellie gets seriously depressed, walking around with wide eyes and is the few times she ever stops talking. She has a fantastic memory, and likes to remind people of all the little good things they've ever done for her, from getting her presents to happy memories. Ellie talks to herself a lot, and talks in general, often tripping over other people talking in her desire to get out what she says.

Early Years: Ellie was spoiled as a child, her parents were loving and caring people. Her father accepted her mother as a witch very early on, and with his job as an accountant, and hers as a healer, they both make quite a bit of money and are very well off. Ellie is the youngest of her family, she gets along with her siblings, even though they find her annoying (What older sibling doesn't?).

When Ellie was six years old, her favorite aunt died, she was incredibly sick, and her death made a huge impression on Ellie even as she grew up. She hated the idea of sorrow, and sadness. She hates crying, and will do everything she can to help others who are sad. Overall Ellie is a very happy person, and it can get annoying at times, she's constantly talking, unless it's a very dreary day (winter or rainy). She loved looking through her siblings books and magical things from school, making her even more annoying as a younger sister.
Hogwarts Years: Ellie was super excited for Hogwarts. She talked about going from the moment she got her letter, to the moment she got on the train. She had a blast shopping for her school supplies, buying whole new outfits and getting her first wand. She was anxious as she got onto the train at the thought of leaving her parents for an entire term, but with promises of letters and gifts while she's away, she boarded the train happy again.
After Hogwarts / Adult: N/A

Alias: Cindy
RP Experience: on and off 3 years, but played table-top almost all my life.
Other Characters: None
How did you find us?: Chaseeeeeee
RP Sample:
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Christabelle Gania

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PostSubject: Re: Ellie Burgess   Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:18 pm

Approved and welcome to our little site.

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Ellie Burgess
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