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 Llewellyn Deering

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Llewellyn Deering


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PostSubject: Llewellyn Deering   Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:55 am

Name: Llewellyn 'Lou' Deering
Age: 15
Class: Wizard
Blood: Technically half-blood

Mother:  Connie Deering: A muggle lady, Welsh in origin, who insisted on Lou's name without stopping to think if anybody could pronounce it. She's not serious, but efficient, and can easily make people do as she wishes as, having had many siblings, she had to learn to hold her own among them. She works as a university lecturer in human geography.
Father: Aldous Deering: A squib, who shunned the wizarding world as a result of the discrimination against him for having no magical ability and lived with muggles. He hoped to completely leave magic behind him, and was doing well until Lou's Hogwarts letter came, when he became sullen towards his on, until his wide told him to stop being so childish. He works as an accountant.
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s):  Nerys Deering, 20: An ultimately indifferent girl, who never displayed much affection towards her younger siblings and largely did her own thing. She's studying geology at a Russell Group university. She has no magical ability.
Marged Deering, 13. She's sweet and enthusiastic, but has a lot of energy and takes up a lot of her parents' time. Also, she's a bit mischievous, and a trouble-maker, and can end up irritating people when she doesn't mean to. She, too, has no magical ability.
Other: They have a Siamese cat called Relic, who is Lou's familiar for Hogwarts, and two goldfish called Ginger and Rosa.

Playby: Asa Butterfield
Hair: Dark, with a bit of a fringe. He doesn't use any sort of product in it.
Eyes: Vibrant blue. He needs glasses.
Height: 5'7"
Build: Slight, but not massively so.
Skin: Pale, with freckles (not on playby)
Clothes: He tends to wear things designed for comfort rather than looks, though he wouldn't wear something if he didn't like how it looked. He's usually in jeans and favours a combination of button-up shirts and woolly jumpers, depending on the weather.
Overall Appearance: He doesn't stand out in any way, but appears maybe a bit too small all over, for his age. With his hunched shoulders, this is only furthered, but it also makes him look slightly unapproachable, as he never really seems open to strangers.

Nationality: English citizen
Good Qualities: Intelligent, rational, thoughtful, determined
Bad Qualities: Never takes risks, self-serving, not friendly
Likes: Autumn, hot drinks, potions class, science, astronomy, quiet, insects
Dislikes: Divination, philosophy, risks, Spring, Tuesdays, loud noises, stupid names
Fears: Too-large crowds, humiliation, dogs
General Personality: Llewellyn is a quiet, sensible boy, who always thinks things through thoroughly before taking any action. He relies on facts, reason and logic to help him make quick decisions, though he does trust his own instinct if it's an area he's particularly versed in. If he's not comfortable in the area, however, he may take the time to weigh up every possible option available to him, and all their potential outcomes, which can make him indecisive and he will be terrified of taking risks, so he sometimes misses out on the most lucrative options in favour of more stable ones.
He does not often take emotions into account, though, when deciding on things, and though he can account for those of others, he just expects himself to be able to cope with things. Therefore, he can sometimes take on too much work, or overstretch himself. However, he's incredibly determined and refuses to leave half-finished projects, so always completes all the work he's set himself on time, regardless of how much he has to push himself to do this (sometimes he refuses himself sleep in order to complete things, as he's good at functioning without it, generally). When he does this, though, he becomes exhausted and in no position to socialise, so people may find him rude, but also his health takes a nosedive, and he becomes susceptible to all sorts of illness like bad colds or even fever.
If he decides that he's interested in something, it may consume him, and he will become wildly enthusiastic, finding out everything he can about the subject. Therefore, he has a lot on information in his head that's probably not necessary, or helpful, but impresses him (examples: how gilleweed changes mammals, how apparation works, etc). If there is no information available, he may even carry out his own experiments. He has got in trouble on more than one occasion for stealing supplies from the potions cupboards.
He's also surprisingly adaptable, and can change his opinions fluidly if presented with scientific evidence for the new way of thinking. As well as this, his self-serving attitude makes him good at fixing situations to benefit him. It's not that he's selfish - he will help people, if he has no reason not to - but if presented with a situation where he can choose to aid another at his own cost, he probably won't do it, if he doesn't see it as a fair exchange.

Early Years: Llewellyn made an easy target from the beginning: he was smaller and smarter than all the other boys, with a name that screamed 'other'. For the first year or so of school, he was bullied mercilessly by his peers, though he never told his parents or teachers. Naturally quiet anyway, they saw no problem with him, and let him be, thinking he was just shy. In actual fact, starting school could have been an excellent opportunity for him to come out of his shell, had he fit in with his classmates. Though by year two they'd got bored, he remained alone, he remained quiet, and spent his break times sat inside, away from the others. Soon enough, he began to fill his time with books. He devoured them, and developed a reading age, and understanding of his areas of interest, far beyond his years. He read a lot about physics, and a lot about war, among other subjects, and often found his mind wandering to space travel or the like in the middle of lessons as he went through primary school. As he grew up, there had been glimmers of magic in him, though he quickly dismissed all cases, as his rationality didn't allow him to believe in such things. When his Hogwarts letter arrived, he didn't believe it was real for two or three weeks, not until his father proved it.
Hogwarts Years: Lou was far more at home at Hogwarts; he finally felt as though he fit in. And, though he didn't make an abundance of friends, nor did he make any enemies, and so finally he was happy and comfortable in a place of learning. His attention was no longer quite so focused on school work, but he still got excellent grades, and was actually fine with this change. He became fascinated with the way the the laws of science and magic worked together, and the magical world in general.
After Hogwarts / Adult: N/A

Alias: Reid (M, 17, GMT)
RP Experience: I've done a fair amount, though it's been one-on-one for a long time. I'm sure I can get back into forum format, though.
Other Characters: N/A
How did you find us?: Tumblr post
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PostSubject: Re: Llewellyn Deering   Sat Aug 02, 2014 11:09 am

Approved and welcome to FC

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Llewellyn Deering
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