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 Terran Volkova

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Terran Volkova


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PostSubject: Terran Volkova   Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:24 pm

Terran Volkova
Name: Terran Volkova
Age: 16
Class: Wizard
Blood: Muggleborn

Mother: Roma Volkova
Father: Dmitri Volkova
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None
Other: Guardian - Hunter Volkova

Playby: Daniel Percival
Hair: Short, upturned.
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5ft 11
Build:  Average build
Skin: Caucasian
Clothes: In school - Uniform
Outside school/weekends - Combat trousers, hiking boots, a shirt. If raining/cold, a hefty black felt coat.
Overall Appearance: Rugged, generally putting up a defensive exterior, trying to make himself look big because he feels small sort of guy.

Nationality: English
Good Qualities: Caring, philanthropic, motivated, intelligent, charismatic.
Bad Qualities: Headstrong, can be self-interested, has a tendency to use people to get his way, overly-emotional, blind to all but his beliefs.
Likes: Dedication from friends, Interesting items, Lots of allies, Distributing information, Officials getting interrupted, Students.
Dislikes: The Ministry, The beliefs (but not the methods of) the Death Eaters, smug people, Muggles.
Fears: Being ignored, failure, claustrophobia.
General Personality: A determined and headstrong person who holds strong beliefs and wants to sway people to his ideas. Though he believes these in earnest, he often blinds himself to other views and in his defensiveness, often loses sense and becomes angry, unable to properly defend his side.

Early Years: Terran was born to muggle Ukrainian parents who has immigrated to England before his birth to further the father's career. When he began to show signs of magical ability, the parents at first had no idea, and indeed believed they were becoming mentally ill somehow as objects had a tendency to disappear and the occasional object burst into flame before the fire service put it out. By the fourth time, as the social services started paying attention, the fire took and eventually killed off Terran's mother. He was four at the time.

This put Terran's father over the edge and he committed himself to an asylum, leaving the boy to his brother, Terran's Uncle, who had always had a way of dealing with him no one quite understood at the time. Suffice to say, when Hunter was around, no accidents occurred. This was because Hunter, himself, was a wizard though he his brother had never known due to earlier familial issues.

Terran learned of his true nature through Hunter as he was raised, though the fact he had killed his mother and led his father to incidental insanity was forever hidden for obvious emotional reasons. All he knew is that they were muggles, and believed they both died when he was a child.

Hogwarts Years: Terran had looked forward to joining Hogwarts ever since he had understood it would happen. A place he could practice his ability's freely and grow his power? What was not to like!? Indeed, in his first year, he fell in nearly immedietely with a bad crowd. They played pranks on other students and in some cases, were simply outright bullies. However when the students developed anti-muggleborn views by their second year, he broke off from the group and found himself without much company for a number of months.

As his own views and skills expanded, Terran's view on muggles actually fell largely in line with his own friends. He did not think much of muggles, his parents had been and he had little memory of them! In fact, he sincerely believed nothing the muggles did was in comparison to the grandeur of what Wizards and Witches had accomplished! What, then, was so wrong with magical-supremacy, thought Terran? His only disagreement with the tattered remains of the Dark Followers around Hogwarts was his lack of hate for anyone muggle-born.

As for his skills, Terran definitely grew into a young wizard with a deep talent for the defence of the dark arts, largely due to his obsession with researching the dark arts! Not necessarily for what he considered evil, he loved his fellows and wanted the best for them, but he did not see what was wrong with using all the means available. Why should any kind of magic be banned? All in it's place, after all! In addition to this, potions became somewhat of an enjoyable lesson for him.
After Hogwarts / Adult:  N/A

Alias: Vercingetorix (Verci)
RP Experience: Gaming RP at MTA since 2010, forum RP on and off at different sites for a couple of years.
Other Characters: None
How did you find us?: Word of mouth
RP Sample:
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Josh Delk

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PostSubject: Re: Terran Volkova   Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:27 pm

Welcome to FC and be sure to take the sorting hat quiz, fill out your claims, and all that fun stuff Smile

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Terran Volkova
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