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 Nathaniel James Stokes

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Nate Stokes

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PostSubject: Nathaniel James Stokes   Thu Jul 31, 2014 7:17 pm

Name: Nate Stokes
Age: 15
Class: Wizard
Blood: Muggleborn

Mother: Susan D. Stokes (née True)
Father: Arthur P. Stokes
Sister(s): Julia K. Stokes
Other: James L. Stokes (deceased)

Playby: Aram Gevorgyan‏
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'8" Imperial, 172.72cm Metric
Build: Average
Skin: Light
Clothes: Standard Attire.
Overall Appearance: Nate is what you can consider a standard looking male, someone who doesn't typically stand out quite well. His body is mainly a slender figure, but with wide shoulders that form well along his body, he can also appear quite stocky given the right circumstances. He had a noticeably masculine profile, with a wide jaw angle that forms into a square shape that accentuates the rest of his features quite well. His eyes are roundish-almond shaped that contain floating irises of hazel, which can appear much darker in certain shades of lighting. Besides that, he appears physically fit and even packs a decent amount of muscle that came from years of experience and training around a woodland environment, his hands matching the ruggedness of an experienced logger.

Nationality: American
Good Qualities:

  • A man of few serious moods, Nate can lighten up a room (or make it much more annoying) but spewing out a few lame jokes that comes off as genuine concern.
  • A serious attitude enables him to focus correctly on a situation and make the right decisions based off his own morality and ethics guideline.
  • With excellent control over his own emotions, he can correctly adjust himself in a bad situation and leave behind his own feelings in choice of cold hard logic.

Bad Qualities:

  • While able to contain his emotions, one feeling in general gets the better of him: anger. When angered, he has a tendency to be brash and develop unhealthy emotional traits while he is greatly angered.
  • Leaving behind his emotions oftentimes gets the better of him. He can appear quite moody and antisocial at certain times, which makes it very difficult for people to communicate with him. It also takes a lot for him to snap out of those funks.
  • Can be overprotective to a fault. He has a hard time letting others do the work around him, which results in sometimes hilarious hi-jinks that normally make him look the fool.

Likes: Fine women and song, long walks on the beach(not really), an overwhelming sense of superiority, and chess.
Dislikes: Not much really gets to him, so he doesn't necessarily has a dislike for anything. Except insects. He really hates those things. And when people don't laugh at his jokes. I mean come on.
Fears: Insects, insects, insects. Also failure, but that one doesn't really stand out.
General Personality: With wit as his sword and humor as his shield, Nate likes to make everyone around him feel better, regardless of the fact that they may ignore him jokes. He loves to be put on display one moment and then to fade from existence the next moment, his own sort of stealth the thing of legends. Besides that, Nate can actually be surprisingly a quiet person. He doesn't like to reveal much about himself or his past and he doesn't like to think too much about the future either. He lives for the moment and doesn't matter if that moment is good or bad, he just loves every second that he spends alive on this world.

Early Years: When Nate was born, his family was immediately stumped as to what his condition was. His own family for generations had been largely a group of blonde haired men and women, yet when he was born, he had solid black hair. The only thing that he had obtained from his family had been the set of hazel eyes that he had formed in his irises, a trait that had been on his father's side of the family for years. As he grew older though, his hair lightened more into a dark brown that shined greatly while in the sunlight. With that in mind, he was tortured greatly by his sister, Julia, just for the reason alone. He was also pretty sure she was jealous as well, being the new child in the family and all.

As he grew into his adolescent years, Nate was always found causing trouble around the neighborhood. It was always too hot where lived, so he would often times sneak into a friends home and relax there for a while before he would move on to doing something in the forest, something that irritated the local families greatly. Despite constant reprimands and other ultimatums from the neighbors, he continued doing so for nearly three years. The only thing that made him stop was his family talking to him about the harm he had done to those families, so he agreed to stop....until he was enrolled into school.

Despite being much more mellow in school than he was at home, he still managed to make trouble as he constantly was getting into places he shouldn't be: teacher's lounge, locked janitor rooms, the rooftop (they still don't know how he managed that). He was always bouncing around and doing normal kid things, making friends and having fun. That all changed however when he got his letter to Hogwarts.
Hogwarts Years: Finding out he was a wizard wasn't really something strange to Nate, he had always felt some sort of affinity for magic in the old fairy tales he used to listen to. But of course, his family was shocked and almost appalled by what appeared to be some sort of cruel joke on their family. It wasn't that fact that Nate was a wizard that bothered him, it was the fact they had no idea what they were dealing with at this point, with all the old storybook tales apparently being true that dealt a fatal blow to their psyche. Regardless of their own feelings towards the situation, Nate's parents both agreed he would be able to attend Hogwarts.

The journey to Hogwarts was a frightening one for Nate, as he was forced to travel across an entire ocean and live in a new country so he could partake in some sort of magical school. For the first time in his life, he was frightened by the prospect of tomorrow and he couldn't really believe what was happening to him. He fought against it for a while, living in his own little world and missing his family, but after some time, he adapted to the world around him, still managing to cause mischief around the school. As he grew older though, the childish pranks and other random adventures started to grow more passive, with his record starting to look less black than it had been at first.

Now, in his fifth year, Nate has ultimately forgotten his own ways of causing mayhem and now looks to help others around him. Whenever he sees someone sad, he does his best to cheer them up, even if his own pride is hurt in the process. He still misses him, but he realizes he only has a few more years left until he can return home. Now, he pushes onward to the next day.

Alias: They call me Ishmael...or AJ.
RP Experience: Almost 10 years actually.
Other Characters: None
How did you find us?: Chase-senpai.
RP Sample:
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Christabelle Gania

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PostSubject: Re: Nathaniel James Stokes   Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:32 pm

Approved! Don't forget to do your claims and the sorting hat quiz.

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Nathaniel James Stokes
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