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 Static Hogwarts - 10 Years Running!

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Celeste DeWitt

PostSubject: Static Hogwarts - 10 Years Running!   Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:21 am

Static Hogwarts

It started in England.

A few witches and wizards started exhibiting odd magical symptoms - blue mucus, random levitation, there was even one report of one witch's wart which grew into a horn overnight.  Some just had flu-like symptoms.  With such varying symptoms, who would guess that all of these came from the same virus?

The Aptet Purus Virus is slowly spreading through the country, attacking pure-blood wizards with the most ferocity, though other blood statuses are also infected (with the exception of Beings). It's only a matter of time before this illness reaches Hogwarts.

And what will the Ministry do about this?  Will our Minister quarantine those affected?  How will St Mungo's cope with the influx of patients?

Above all - how can we stop this disease?  Already there are reports of fatalities...

... Just wait until the Prophet gets hold of this story ...

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Static Hogwarts - 10 Years Running!
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