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 Kathryn Eva Greyback

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Kathryn Greyback


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PostSubject: Kathryn Eva Greyback   Wed Jul 23, 2014 6:40 pm

Name: Kathryn Eva Greyback
Age: 15
Class: Werewolf.
Blood: Half

Mother: Eva Blake
Father: Fenrir Greyback
Brother(s): 4 Half-brothers (Greyback's)
Sister(s): 3 half-sisters (Greyback's)
Other: Aunt Marie and Uncle Evan Blake (her mother's brother and sister-in-law)

Playby: Lily Collins
Hair: Black
Eyes: large almond shaped, brown
Height: 5' 4"
Build: Petite
Skin: Pale, with scars from her youth
Clothes: dark, layers, lots of jeans when not in uniform
Overall Appearance: Very indie, slightly gothic look. Has long dark straight hair, large eyes. Tends to look closed off, but she is scared of hurting people.

Nationality: British
Good Qualities:
  • caring
  • hard working
  • passionate
  • strong willed

Bad Qualities:
  • worrisome
  • scared
  • hurtful to herself

+the outdoors
+animals (magical and non-magical, especially cats)
+poetry & literature
-being stuck indoors
-being judged
  • people disliking her just on finding out what she is
  • people bullying others

General Personality: Kathryn is loyal and kind, she will get on with anyone as long as they donít pick on/be mean to anyone for no reason, and as long as they are not a bully. She loves playing games, but muggle ones as it is all she grew up with, but will learn anything if people are willing to teach her. She is friendly and very thoughtful of others.

Early Years: She grew up with her muggle mother, knowing nothing of her magic, or the fact she was a werewolf until the morning after the full moon after her 7th birthday she woke up and her mother had been attacked - and as it turned out she was the attacker, but she couldnít remember a thing about doing it. She hated herself and from then on locked herself away and withdrew from anyone she had ever known, she had really hurt her mum, the only person who had ever been there for and she despised herself for that and didnít want to hurt anyone else. It was made worse cause she didnít know what had happened or why it had, she just knew something weird had happened, from then on she constantly thought ĒWhy me?Ē
Hogwarts Years: She is currently in her fourth year at Hogwarts, she hasnít really gotten close to anyone, as she doesnít want to get close to someone and have a repeat of what happened with her mum, she will have a few friends, but she hasnít told anyone that she is a werewolf - though they have probably guessed as for one her surname is Greyback and most people have heard of him and for another thing she tends to withdraw further and near enough disappear around the full moon.
[s]After Hogwarts / Adult: (If Applicable)[/s]

Alias: Pixie
RP Experience: 6 months
Other Characters: on here none
How did you find us?: an advert on another site I am on
RP Sample:
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Christabelle Gania

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PostSubject: Re: Kathryn Eva Greyback   Wed Jul 23, 2014 6:47 pm

Approved...I think she'll make an interesting Greyback. Don't forget to do the sorting quiz!

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Kathryn Eva Greyback
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