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 Ailey Walker

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Ailey Walker


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PostSubject: Ailey Walker   Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:51 pm

Name: Ailey Walker
Age: 16
Class: Witch
Blood: Muggleborn

Mother: Lillian Reilly (Divorced), Stephanie Alexander (Divorced),  Alice Walker
Father: Gordan Walker
Brother(s): Isiah Walker (Alice's)
Sister(s): Caroline(Lillian's) and Felicia Walker (Stephanie's)
Great-Grandparents: Great-Grandpa Max - Great-Grandma Cecil, Great-Grandpa Jeffrey - Great-Grandma Zell, Step-Great-Grandpa: Cohen – Step-Great-Grandma Tori

Grandparents: Grandpa Maurice - Grandma Shelly, Grandpa Georgie – Grandma Phyllis, Step-Grandpa Alex – Step-Grandma Zofia

Aunts and Uncles: Aunt Catherine - Uncle Bill, Aunt Ginerva – Uncle Paul, Aunt Martha – Uncle Dyllan.

Cousins: Craig – Billy – Sue, Harry – Suzette – Natasha, Rose – Jay – Brendan

Dogs: Chloe (Chocolate lab – Aged 3 months), Ralph,(American Boxer – Aged 5 years) and Xavier(Whippet – Aged 8 years)

Cats: Safeena Aydan (Turkish Angora - Aged 4 months), Ayden (Siberian cat - Aged 5 months), Daisy (Savannah cat - Aged 2 years)

Playby: Nina Dobrev
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: Medium – tall, around 5'5”
Build: Slender
Skin: Not pale, not tan.
Clothes: Faded t-shirts, jeans with holes in them. Tennis Shoes.
Overall Appearance: Nina is as average as average gets. She's not super pale, she's not extremely tanned. She's not tall, or short, and her clothing matches the description. She wears regular t-shirts with regular jeans, and tennis-shoes. Her hair color is brown with light highlights, but isn't full or regularly healthy, just average. In fact the description – Average, is basically what sums her up. She doesn't stand out regularly in a crowd.

Nationality: English
Good Qualities: Rebellious (Sometimes a good quality), soft-spoken, of decent intelligence, Quick-witted, Able to handle her own, Independent
Bad Qualities: Rebellious, Quick to anger, average, naοve, occasionally violent, shy (Bad to her anyway), Stubborn, Jealous, Doesn't trust others, Distracted
Likes: Living rough, her cat Safeena Aydan(which she brings to school), the color purple, castles, architecture, dungeons Medieval fairy-tales (Grimm brother's stories), Magical Creatures, Dragons,
Dislikes: Heights, Being intimidated, Violent people, The Dark Lord, her own jealousy, arrogance
Fears: Ending up in the shallow life the rest of her family seems to lead.
General Personality: Ailey is a weird mixture of qualities not often seen in someone. She's shy and soft spoken, but when pushed can be violent and intimidating on her own. She hates heights, but loves castles and architecture, which when viewed up close often takes her to dizzying heights. She's head over heels for her puppy, Chloe, who she just recently got over the summer. Ailey loves exploring places, but hates being around other people.

She enjoys reading, and once she entered into the magical world, spent quite some time pouring over the spell books she got, reading them front and back and learning everything she could about this new life she was about to lead. Ailey loves the dark, and especially enjoys dark, cramped places far from the rest of the world. However, when she does make a friend, she becomes insanely jealous of other people talking to that person. In her mind it's a situation of “I knew them first, back off”.

Early Years: Ailey comes from a HUGE family. Her father was originally married to Lillian, and during their marriage they had Caroline. Shortly after Caroline was born however, he divorced Lillian and took custody of Caroline because of Lillian's drug addiction problems. Soon after divorcing Lillian, Gordan married Stephanie and they had a child: Felicia. They divorced and share joint custody of Felicia. Gordan then married Alice, and had Isiah, while still married to Alice however. Gordan cheated on her, with his first wife, Lillian, and Lillian gave birth to Ailey.

Due to her still well-developed drug habits, Gordan was given custody of Ailey and she lives with him and his family now. For her early years, Ailey has always felt a little unwelcome in her home. With such an expansive family, it's sometimes hard to live privately, and soon it was realized that Ailey was in fact different. For out of all of the members of her family, she is the only one to develop any sort of magical abilities.

She developed these abilities at the regular age of seven, when one day, when throwing a tantrum, she made a spoon shoot out of her hand and rocket around the room, banging into everything, before coming to stop directly in front of her step-mother's face. Scared by the event, her father and step-mother soon grew wary of Ailey and she was left alone more often then not, only taken care of out of responsibility as her powers became more obvious and harder to control.

At the age of ten, Ailey's family was contacted by Hogwarts, and everything was explained. Finally, Ailey felt she would have a place where she could truly belong, and quickly packed her things and was on the Hogwarts Express on the first of September.

Hogwarts Years: During her years of school, Ailey's separation from her family became more intense. A huge factor was Ailey's own personal feelings of being an odd one out. Not only did she have magical abilities, but she was a fourth. Her family was a repeated pattern of threes everywhere she looked, and at Hogwarts she realized just how often it was repeated. Three times her father had been married, and if not for her, he would have had three children all together. She had three great-grandparents, three grandparents, three sets of aunt and uncles, and all three sets had three children. And Ailey was simply that.. a fourth.

Because of this realization, Ailey refused to stay home in the summers. She went home just after school, only to put her Hogwarts things away and get prepared, she saved up a little bit of money, packed her bags one day, and left to London when she was only 12. At such a young age, she didn't stand a chance, and was soon picked up by the muggle police and sent home. However that didn't keep her home long, and she took to long walks out of her home, often sleeping in parks in her neighborhood and only coming home occasionally to eat.

As she grew up, Ailey was able to travel further and further away, and soon regularly lived in London for a few weeks at a time, living on the streets and taking care of herself, only coming home in the dead of night to wash clothes, and occasionally fight with her family because of her absence, soon however they grew to find her disappearance normal, and allowed her to continue the life she decided to lead.

After Hogwarts / Adult: N/A

Alias: Molly
RP Experience: Nearly 10 years now Very Happy
Other Characters: Felix Barker, Chase Moor
How did you find us?: Christy darling
RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Ailey Walker   Wed Jul 23, 2014 6:19 pm


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Ailey Walker
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