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 Grammar Lesson

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Felix Barker

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PostSubject: Grammar Lesson   Wed Jul 23, 2014 3:12 am

Grammar Lessons from Felix Barker

Hey Everyone! Felix here! I'm here with a basic grammar lesson to help everyone be the best roleplayer they can be! We're going to start with some really basic stuff, but sometimes a quick reminder goes a long way!

They're / Their / There

They're is a contraction used to replace the two words “they” and “are”, the apostrophe replaces the letter 'a' in “are” to create They're.


“They're not leaving on Monday.”
You can replace They're with They are, so you get.
“They are not leaving on Monday.” Which sounds great!

“I cannot believe they're from America!”
Again, you can replace they're with they are.


Their is used to show possession! It's used exactly how my, your, his, her, its, and our are used. Also known as Possessive adjectives! A great little trick is to use our instead of their, if it makes sense you're doing it right!


“Show the guests to their room.”
If you replace Their with Our, it becomes “Show the guests to our room” Which works perfectly!

“Their broomsticks are made of Maple.”


There is similar to the word here, simply, it represents a place. The two main uses of There: A specific place, and an unspecified place. There can also be used to show that something exists.

They are over there. (Specified place)

There are two apples. (Unspecified place – in that two apples exist)

Alright! So you've got They're, Their, and There all figured out! If you'd like you can post a few examples of each just to test and help others know different variations on how to use those three words.


Let's move on! Another set of commonly confused words, are You're and Your.


You're and Your

You're is a contraction of you are. You must be able to expand the word and have it make sense in order to use 'you're'.


Doing nothing is very hard to do. You never know when you're finished.


Your is a possessive adjective. It sits before another word, usually a noun or pronoun, to show that it belongs to 'you', if of 'you', or is related to 'you'.


“She doesn't look like your sister.”


Alright! So that was pretty easy right? You're and your behavior similarly to Their and They're! I think we're ready to move on!


Too and To

Too has two uses. It means as well, or also.

Example: “I can do it too”.

Too also portrays the idea of 'in excess'.

Example: “That shirt is too expensive.”


To also has two uses.

To is used in expressions.

Example: “I want to swim a lot.”

It is also used in expressions like 'to the park, to the postman, agree to a proposal'.

Example: “I am going to the swimming pool.”


I bet you're thinking, well this is easy! Get to the more difficult stuff. Now how about this one, one of the more easy to get wrong Grammar words: “Than and Then”.


Than and Then

Then relates to time. Most commonly it is used as an adverb, and has multiple meanings.

Subsequently or afterward: “Go to the corner, then turn left.”

As a consequence of in that case: “You're certain then?” “If that's how you feel, let it go then.”

At that time or that time: “I was much more fit back then.” “The schedule will be completed before then.”


Than is used to introduce a comparison. More often seen with comparatives, and words like more, less, and fewer.

“Lisa is smarter than Dillan.”


Want to test your understanding of Then and Than?

Here's a short quiz!

“Petra turned and (than / then), [1] reminded us that she had a greater stake in the business (than / then) [2] us, adding that we may have been in charge (than / then), [3] but now she owns 51% of the company. That's 10% more (than / then) [4] our family combined.”



Want to learn more? Maybe this was just too easy for you! Check out Grammar-Monster.com!

Credit: Felix Barker @ The Fidelius Charm

Felix Barker @ [url=http://thefideliuscharm7.niceboard.com/forum]The Fidelius Charm[/url]

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Grammar Lesson
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