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 Sean Coleman

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Sean Coleman


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PostSubject: Sean Coleman   Sat Jul 19, 2014 8:39 pm

Sean James Coleman
Name: Sean Coleman
Age: 16
Class: Wizard
Blood: Half-blood

Mother: Chelsea Dover
Father: Leon Coleman
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A
Other: N/A

Playby: Ezra Miller
Hair: Short and black, coming down just above his eyes
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'8
Build: Slim-shouldered and small-framed
Skin: Pale
Clothes: When not at Hogwarts, Sean's favorite outfit is usually simple jeans and a tee-shirt. He feels he has too many more important things to deal with than clothes.
Overall Appearance: Sean usually wears his entire being casual, not really caring about his appearance but somehow managing to pull off a rugged attractiveness through that. His dark hair curls into a cowlick just above his eyes, which are observant, even cynical.

Nationality: Irish
Good Qualities: + Extremely intelligent
+ Quick thinking
+ Quirky (could technically be good or bad to others, but he likes that about himself)
+ Creative/inventive
+ Surprisingly nice, concidering his aloof appearance
+ Great at transfiguration and potions, decent in other classes
Bad Qualities: - His sense of humor takes getting used to
- Overly logical at times
- As alluded to above, can come off as uncaring to a casual observer
- Exceedingly blunt
- Physically weak
- Can be accidentally unkind
- Disregard for the rules if he disagrees

Likes: + Muggle technology
+ Technical things
+ Reading
+ Video games
+ People he can banter with
+ Energy drinks
+ Pumpkin juice
+ Learning
Dislikes: - Frivolous people
- Being ignorant of things
- Boredom
- Physical exertion
- Large crowds
- Loudness in general
Fears: -Being alone
-Not being good enough
General Personality: As aloof as Sean appears, he's actually very up-tight and passionate, just not about "unimportant" things. Are people going to yell at him? Is he gonna pass the test? Is his most recent experiment blowing up in the dormitory? He feels he doesn't have time to worry about anything he views as frivolous. Though he does have his own guilty pleasures, he avoids indulging in those when he feels he needs to work.

When he's relaxing, he makes a lot of silly jokes, and can be very sarcastic. It takes awhile to get used to this about him, and it takes a decent bit
Early Years: As an only child to a relatively well-off family, Sean got just about everything he wanted. His father worked in the ministry, and his muggle mother stayed at home with him. What he wanted most though was to learn. Everything was interesting to him, from the simplest science to the most complex magic. It was obvious he'd end up at Hogwarts and do well. He took everything so seriously, it even made his mom tell him to calm down from time to time and take a load off.
Hogwarts Years: During his Hogwarts years, his outwards serious personality made it hard to make friends. But there were some who he hit it off with and saw his more sociable side, and were often caught up in some of his escapades. He had fantastic marks, but wound up with a less-than-great discipline record because of it. Especially when he blew things up in his experiments, or was caught exploring the school after dark.
After Hogwarts / Adult: (If Applicable)

Alias: Call me Varod, no harm in that.
RP Experience: Uhh... Six years?
Other Characters: Varod Gilther
How did you find us?: Friend of Christy's
RP Sample:
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Sophia Granger

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PostSubject: Re: Sean Coleman   Sat Jul 19, 2014 9:08 pm

Hi there!
This app was accepted by the lovely Sophia Granger!
Welcome to FC and don't forget to claim your playby!


Awesome set by my amazing Chassy pet!
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Sean Coleman
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