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 D'Ville, Gabriella

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Gabriella D'Ville


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PostSubject: D'Ville, Gabriella   Sat Jul 19, 2014 4:50 pm

Name: Gabriella D'Ville
Age: 17
Class: Witch
Blood: Pureblood

Mother: Evanna D'Ville, age 43
Father: Robert D'Ville, age 45
Brother(s): Hans Robert D'Ville Jr., age 23
Sister(s): Lisbeth Evanna D'Ville, age 20
Other: Evanna's side: grandmother, deceased, Almonda Rebecca House
grandfather, aged 76, Christopher House
Robert's side:
grandmother, alive, Lisbeth D'Ville, age 78
grandfather, alive, Hans Robert D'Ville, age 82

Playby: Tilda Swinton
Hair: blond, almost white
Eyes: light gray, closing in to a blue tone
Height: 187 cm
Build: lean and slender, she is relatively skinny and basically no muscles on her body
Skin: pale
Clothes: wears whatever she feels like wearing. During the school year, of course, she wears the uniform. On her free time she can either wear short dresses or different suits.
Overall Appearance: Gabriella stands almost 190 cms tall which makes her a quite a long woman for her age. Not only that, but she also looks a bit older than she really is.
Her naturally white hair is kept short, it is rare to see it grow longer than her broad shoulders. The woman wears very little to no make-up as she wishes to impress nobody with her looks. She knows she is not the prettiest of the folk and somehow she is not even concerned by that fact, neither has it ever given her any troubles.
Gabriella's skin is relatively pale and it does not tan, which means that she can sit under the sun for hours and the only thing that will happen to her is that she will turn red, but after a few days the change won't be even there. With her slender body, she also took the liberty of dressing a bit like a man, and therefore she prefers more suits rather than dresses. She can even show up to a prom while wearing an expensive suit instead of a beautiful dress to bring out the very little of feminine side of her. With her looks she went into her father; he also is relatively tall and handsome, with thin nose and narrow facial features.

Nationality: Half-German and half-British
Good Qualities: trustworthy, curious, good listener, brave, interested in studying, capable of keeping secrets, loyal
Bad Qualities: impatient, can overuse drugs, self-destructive personality, taciturn, lying is not a problem
Likes: rain, thunder, cats, parties, drugs
Dislikes: loud music or music overall, hospitals, syringes, muggle technology
Fears: ants
General Personality: It is pretty easy to get along with Gabriella once you get to know her. That means one has to get through her taciturn personality and break the cold walls between her reality and imagination of the world. Although she is friendly, she is relatively afraid and cautious of people around her. They can only harm and therefore the best way to stay safe and sound is to keep away.
Reading books is one of her hobbies and Gabriella has a lot of them. Basically she can even open her own library or even sell them all she has just that many.
She is not so fond of muggle technology. Everything she touches seems to break. The mobile phones, television etc. She'd rather stay away from it and use magical communication items.
As for the drugs, she is most certainly in love with whiskey, brandy and cigarettes. In the past Gabriella has dealt with narcotics, but that habit is now all behind her.

Early Years: It was hard for her to get along with her brother and sister as a child. Gabriella understood early on that she was not the prettiest and that came obviously at during the childhood, especially when she was playing around with the other kids. She was never so fond of girl toys. Dolls were not her thing, instead she held interest in quidditch and martial arts, and as she had seemingly perfect body for it, her father signed her for karate training.
Despite her being nagged at for not being exactly a beauty queen, Gabi learned how to hold her head up high regardless of what others might say. One can not change genetics and neither is looking good relatively important in the world where deeds, not words rule out their existence.
Hogwarts Years: When she first put on the Sorting Hat, she expected it to announce Ravenclaw so that she would follow the footsteps of her ancestors. Her brother, sister, mother and father all studied there, but instead Gabi was a divergent and she was sorted into Hufflepuff.
That did not sadden her as much as she expected however. In Hufflepuff she realized finally what type of character she had, how she could easily blend in with people who thought like she and who went through the same things. Since she was also from this house, many usually underestimated her capabilities and therefore she was rarely challenged, but once that happened, Gabi proved that Hufflepuff's were not only good at something, but they could win any argument given.
She showed her talent in potions and especially defense against the dark arts, which led her to a conclusion that she would make a great deal as a member of Potter's Army.
Later, as a fifth year student, she joined the group, but that year's summer was also when she discovered drugs muggles did and she got involved into the whole business. Strangely enough she managed to spend all three months at home without her parents really noticing of her new habit, but as soon as she got hospitalized as a result of overdosing, Gabi chose to quit and concentrate on studies instead, however alcohol remained on the same spot as it was before, although the habit has grown weaker and weaker with each year now.
After Hogwarts / Adult: (If Applicable)

Alias: Gabi
RP Experience: years
Other Characters: none
How did you find us?: Christy invited me
RP Sample:
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Felix Barker

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PostSubject: Re: D'Ville, Gabriella   Sat Jul 19, 2014 4:57 pm

Accepted and put into Hufflepuff!

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D'Ville, Gabriella
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