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Serena Lockwood


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PostSubject: LOCKWOOD, Serena   Fri Jul 18, 2014 12:49 am

Name:Serena Rydel Stormie Lockwood
Age: 15
Class : Witch
Blood: Pure Blood

Mother (step): Stormie Lockwood
Father (step): Riker Lockwood
Brother(s): Riker Lockwood|19|Auror
Landen and Austin Lockwood | 17|Slytherin
Damon Lockwood | 13 | Gryffindor

Other : Katie and Kenneth Knight ( cousins on her mother's side )
Logan Lockwood ( Cousin on her father's side
Amber Lockwood ( Cousin on her father's side )
Aria Lockwood ( Cousin on her father's side )
James Lockwood ( Cousin on his father's side )

Married: nope! 
Divorced: nope
Dating :nope!  
Single: yup and ready to mingle! 
Crush: no one yet! 

Hair: Blond
Height: 5'6
Build: Serena is short and petite, although she looks small and fragile she's actually has a bit of muscles to her.
Appearance: Serena is a mixture of her mother and his father, but she took mainly after her father in appearance.  There's no doubt that Serena isn't Riker Lockwood's daughter. Serena is a splitting image of her father, she's the female version of Riker Lockwood.  Although Serena inherited her mother's shortness standing 5'6 in height and he egg like face with blond hair,  she gotten one thing from his mother and that was her hazel eyes.

Being raised by being surrounded by nothing but boys, Serena was brought up like a tom boy wearing jeans and buttoned down shirts. As she gotten in her teens, Serena's style started becoming more girly to where she wore skirts and make up. Although Serena's style is a bit girly with a twist of Tom boyish and punk rock look. She loves the color pink and she always wears it even if it's just a bracelet or in her hair. Serena style while she's at Hogwarts consists of Gryffindor robe, but on weekend and holidays she wears cute and fashionable clothes. Serena wears her hair straight or curly, whatever mood her hair goes or in what mood she's in.

Skin: soft warm white skin with a tan to it. 
Nationality: English
Serena is very out going and very down to earth type of girl who loves having fun and experiencing new things. Although Serena isn't a douche arse as her brothers are, but she can be a cold hearted b*tch at times. Serena is very bubbly and a very care free spirit with a wild rebellious side. She's very much a trouble maker and loves causing trouble with her brothers. Although Serena is very stubborn indeed and tends to have things her way or the highway. She's very smart and clever and is usually the one who comes with all the pranks or the one who gets them out of trouble.

She's very brave and loyal and will do anything to protect her friends and loved ones no matter what. She's very sweet and caring as well as goofy and loves a good joke. Although Serena has trusting issues, and don't trust people easily especially boys due to her father leaving them. The only boys she trust is her brothers and cousins, she very shy around boys that aren't her brothers or cousins.

Other: A snowy white owl named Pearl

Your good points: 
+ smart
+ quick learner

Your bad Points :
- rebellious
- reserved(at times )
- doesn't trust people easily(especially man )
-cold hearted (at times)

Rainy days
boys (but has trusting issues)
New experiencesspending time with family and friends
- back stabbers
- death eaters
-  people who talk alot
-dishonest people
-not seeing friends and family
-people hurting her friends and family. 

Serena has alot of fears, she's scared of failing in life as well of being scared of soidd di and needles like her big brother Tyler is. But her biggest fear is her friends and loved ones dying in front of her and there's nothing she could do about it.

Where do you call Home: Lockwood Mansion!

Character History :

Serena Rydel Stormie Lockwood was born to Stormie and Riker Lockwood on August 9th. She's the fourth born only girl out of the five Lockwood siblings. When Serena was little she was a daddy's girl due to her being the only girl out of the siblings. Being raised around but nothing but boys, Serena became a tom boy and did everything her brothers did, climbing trees to playing football. At a young age, Serena went to a muggle private school before going to Hogwarts, she was Very popular. At the age of ten, everything started going down hill, after her grandfather died. A few months after her grandfather's death, her mother fell into depression leaving her father fed up and leave them after a heated fight.

A few days later, her parents were divorced, her father taking her two twin brothers Landen and Austin with him separating the Lockwood siblings. A year later Serena was accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and was sorted into Gryffindor which was a shock to her seeing how her brothers were sorted into Slytherin. As years passed, Serena came to love being in the same house her mother was and joined the Quidditch team.

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Sophia Granger

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PostSubject: Re: LOCKWOOD, Serena   Fri Jul 18, 2014 12:52 am

Hi there!
This app was accepted by the lovely Sophia Granger!
Welcome to FC and don't forget to claim your playby in face claim!


Awesome set by my amazing Chassy pet!
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