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 Wesley Anderson [FINISHED]

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Wesley Anderson


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PostSubject: Wesley Anderson [FINISHED]   Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:45 pm

Name: Wesley Anderson
Age: 16
Class: Wizard
Blood: Half Blood

Mother: Rosalie Anderson. (Half-Blood)
Father:  Collin Anderson. (Half-Blood)
Brother(s): ----
Sister(s): Lonnie Anderson (fraternal twin)
Other: Tabby Cat, Nona; Nona is Wes' personal familiar. She is medium sized, sandy brown in color and marked from ear to tail with darker tabby markings, as per her breed, that trail down to a solid dark tail. Her eyes are a simple grey and rest rather largely on her small head, often causing her to be described as 'permanently surprised' about most things she encounters; she has small ears that are pressed flat to her head, giving her an ear-less appearance upon first glance and adding to her 'permanently surprised' expression. The state of her ears was the result of a poorly done Mermish call that Wesley attempted to perform with an amplification spell that he had discovered and used on his own voice. Because of how often Wes has taken Nona with him on his magical beast observing adventures, Nona has developed a bit of a sixth sense when it comes to predicting when Wes is about to head out on another run about and has taken to hiding before he can get a hold of her and take her out again.  Wes believes that she has taken to hiding because she's getting lazy, when in reality she has just become burnt out on life experiences and just wants a break from her master's adventures now and then.
Married: -----
Divorced: -----
Dating: -----
Single: -----
Crush: -----
Work: Unemployed

Hair: Dirty blonde, often mistaken for a sandy brown.
Eyes: Grey Blue
Height: 5'7''; and he'd like everyone to know that he's still growing.

Build:  Wes is an endearing individual,  a little short for his age, which is something he openly regrets, but other than that there isn't anything too negative about his physical appearance. He has short shaggy, dirty blonde hair that he doesn't normally do anything with other than run a quick comb through it before running off to classes. His face is oval in shape with a slightly defined jaw and a small cleft chin, a sign of his encroaching maturity. His eyes are a grey blue in color and almond in shape, a little deep-set against his facial structure giving his eyes a more hooded expression, but nothing too distracting. His nose is aqualine in shape but a little wider near the tip, making his nose appear slightly bigger on his face in comparison to his thin lips.

His body type is a little off-set, his legs being longer than his torso almost as if he hasn't quite grown into them just yet, which is often a cause for tripping over himself if he's in too big of a hurry and isn't watching where he's going. He has rather danty fingers and can often be found playing with them, lacing and unlacing them, whenever he's nervous or trying to focus on something he deems important and in need of his undivided attention.

Clothes: Wes' sense of style can be summed up in one word: layers. He wears multiple layers of almost anything that he can throw onto his body for the mere fact that he gets cold very easily; although he has admitted to using the layers as a means to make himself look bulkier than he actually is. He also finds that during the fall and winter seasons, his obsession with wearing multiple layers comes in great help, not so much for the summer season. When not attending classes, heavy coats, zip-hoodies, button-ups, t-shirts, followed by shorts and at least one pair of jeans if he can help it, paired with at least three pairs of socks before throwing on his shoes, scarf and messenger bag has him feeling at his best and ready to face whatever mythical creature he's intent on observing on his own that day. Class wear consists of at least two t-shirts under his white button up and robes, a loose pair of pajama bottoms beneath his black slacks, along with the same combination of socks makes him feel the most comfortable while studying with his fellow students.

Skin: The tone of Wes' skin is fair, with a slight tan from his constant venturing outdoors; along with the tan comes the light dusting of freckles, something that he doesn't have a lot of despite his sister's heavy dousing on her own face and body. He often teases her saying she was cursed upon exiting the womb to have terrible skin for the rest of her life and that he was lucky to be born last.

Nationality: British

Personality: Wes is a semi-adaptable individual that prefers to look at difficult situations from an outside perspective rather than waste time trying to determine his own feelings on the subject right away; he often feels the need to investigate each possible outcome and understand who and what would be effected by which decision so that he will know the proper choice before deciding to pick a side. Once he does choose, however, it's difficult to get him to change his mind, being a devoted person by nature, he will often give his all for a set idea and will refuse to give up on it even if it seems a bit impossible. This does not however erase any doubts he might have in his stubborn devotion. He has experienced situations where he decided to go one way and later realized that he had made the wrong decision. Not wanting to look like an idiot who can't take a proper standing, he'll often feign confidence in order to save face even after it is revealed that he made an incorrect choice.  It is often after moments like these that he inwardly berates himself and goes off to pout on his own. Due to his inherit interest in magical beings and mythical creatures, his creativity and imagination are quite active as he is often witnessed with his nose in his research books fantasizing about riding Hippogriffs or meeting Centaurs; or, if he's not reading, he can be seen running off into the nearest patch of trees because he thought he caught a glimpse of a giant spider. It is because of his imagination that he finds himself in need of a solid rock to keep him grounded in the physical world, he can at times find this in his studies and family, but often needs to cling to people in order to solidify his existence and keep from becoming too big of an escapist from reality.

Wes doesn't exactly have a temperament as he often takes himself out of situations that he senses are about to take a turn for the worst before the metaphorical shit starts hitting the fan. However, when he's faced with a situation that cuts deeply for him on an emotional level, so to say someone is insulting the people he cares about or are behaving inappropriately around him when he's trying to focus on something he finds important, he'll gear himself up in an attempt at defending what he believes is right. Because he has a dislike of explaining himself in too much detail, he often argues in short bursts of well thought out retorts that he feels explain his feelings rather aptly, this is often not the case which usually gets him into more trouble than he was in before and causes him to have to explain “again”; rather than get mad, he seems to become more increasingly annoyed than anything. Temperament aside, Wes is a relatively pleasant individual, although he might seem fiercely independent on first glance, if one were to start a conversation with him he would attempt to keep it interesting so as not to bore himself or his conversation partner too much. If one were to become friends with him, it should be noted that he is a secretly loyal individual. Not showing his loyalty as openly as most and choosing when to side with them only when he feels they aren't trying to sabotage themselves in front of other people; he likes to help people help themselves, but often finds himself more attracted to their problems then their actual personalities.

Diction:- Wes' diction while speaking can at times be rather fast, so to say, whenever he talks he comes off as either excited about what he's trying to say or in a serious hurry. He often has to slow down his speech in order to get his point across when talking to other people, especially when they don't catch what he said the first time.
Spoken Languages:- English; Broken-Troll Language:  although primarily a British English speaking wizard, Wes has been slowly attempting to learn the troll language. Most of his experiences have been self taught, but he has recently been seeking further assistance from his teachers as well as from other wizards, he hasn't been making much headway. Thus his broken knowledge of the grunting language.
Troll mutterings:- Because he's trying to learn the troll language, he can often be found grunting and gesturing quietly to himself while he's eating or sitting alone after classes; which can explain why he's alone during these times in the first place.

Your good points:  Most of Wes' strengths stem from his knowledge of magical creatures and the cultures involved with many of them. He knows his way around certain terrains from his constant adventuring whilst looking for the magical beings he's so enthralled with, which makes him a rather pleasant tour guide. Besides that, he also has a few strengths in classes: Charms, Herbology, and, more importantly, Care for Magical Creatures, to name a few. He believes himself to be pretty decent in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, but feels he could use a lot more room for improvement.

Your bad Points: His weaknesses are many, if presented with a highly emotional situation he won't know exactly how to handle it and will often excuse himself from further participation to prevent from making any dangerously wrong decisions. Aside from most social weaknesses, that involve him making magical creature references to things that other people don't seem to understand, he has pretty normal weaknesses. He's a teenage boy so girls are a big weakness, although he isn't one to chase them he won't deny a pretty face when he sees one. Where classes are concerned he's not one for Divination just because he thinks it's ridiculous, a result of him being particularly bad at interpreting meanings from tea leaves or seeing visions in crystal balls. He's a pretty logical person in that regard, believing in the here and now rather than the what can be or might not be.


  • Magical Creatures.
  • Non-magical creatures.
  • Wearing layers of clothes.
  • Adventuring outdoors.
  • Quidditch Tactics.


  • Having to explain himself in detail/repeat himself in general.
  • Being misunderstood.
  • Having to make quick decisions.
  • Harassment or discrimination towards his twin or anyone he is close to/admires.
  • Summertime.

Where do you call Home:  London, England

Character History: Born to Collin Anderson, a Magizoologist, and Rosalie Anderson, a Troll Trainer for the Ministry of Magic, Wesley Anderson was the second born in a pair of twins. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, he lived a rather interesting and happy childhood; learning a lot from his parents and their career choice as well as becoming enthralled with the stories they often brought home from “the office”. Most of his childhood can be remembered as his family sitting around the dinner table listening to an exciting tale their father had with a rather difficult Knarl that had escaped from the transport bins and had begun to ravage the facilities gardens out of spite. Of course, Wesley drank up every word of it and eventually decided that if he ever wanted to be truly happy, he'd be like his mother or his father and work as closely as possible with magical beasts and beings. Most of his adolescent years were spent obsessing over books that his parents had either brought home from work or still had from their school days, it wasn't long before he had a brief understanding of the magical creatures that existed in the wizarding world; although he still had much more to learn, the extent of his knowledge being uncomplex wizarding children's books and what ever pictures he could find from his parents more complex textbooks, he thought himself a bit of a magical creature buff which often annoyed those around him that knew better.

During his grade school days, he and his sister, Lonnie, were enrolled in a muggle school where they learned the basics of muggle education. Being a bit more social than his sister during these years, he was often the center of attention on the playground with all the recycled stories that he'd tell of the magical creatures his parents would encounter at work; often leaving out the part about his parents and tactfully replacing them with himself. At first the children flocked to him, hungry for tales of trolls and gryphons, but as time went on and they all began to grow up, they lost interest in the fantasy of it, where as Wesley did not seeing as how it was a reality for him. When his parents eventually found out what was happening they managed to explain to him that what he had been doing was wrong and that muggles were not to be made aware of the wizarding world. It was then that the stories stopped, unfortunately the damage had already been done and Wesley had been labeled as a fantasy obsessed fool. Being as non-confrontational as he was, it didn't bother him too much and in time he learned to ignore their teasing words and bullying.

The year he and his sister received their letters was the year he felt his life was really set to begin. The celebration that followed was extravagant, feeling like a second birthday to him with all the wizarding friends and desserts, he loved it and after the events slept peacefully knowing that he'd be going to the same school as his parents and maybe even start on the road to becoming a magiczoologist like his father or even a troll trainer like his mother. He honestly hadn't decided which he wanted to be more, but knew that as long as it had to do with the magnificent beasts they told him about he'd love it. Of course, he was glad that his sister had decided to join him, feeling that, at one point, she wouldn't go with him and would choose a different school. The thought of life without his sister worried him, but when she announced she too would be attending Hogwarts he was instantly relieved and increasingly excited about their new adventure on their own at the wizarding school. His first fews years were amazing, he enjoyed spending time with his sister in most classes and always looked forward to what was next when it came to studying and learning spells. He unsurprisingly clung to the classes that involved magical creatures and excelled greatly in Herbology and Charms.

In his fourth year, he vowed to try much harder in all of his classes and had been promising himself to get higher marks when things took a turn for the worse; Lonnie had disappeared a few days before the summer of their third year at Hogwarts. They managed to find her almost a week after she had gone missing and it was revealed that she had snuck off with one of her “friends” in an attempt to elope via the forbidden forest. Although she was found alive Wes was devastated. He had discovered a few days prior to her disappearance that she had been planning this with her friend, but because he couldn't be bothered with whatever mistakes his sister happened to be making when he had so much happening the following year, he told no one. When she was found and the incident was revealed to their family, he felt almost as if her disappearance and her current state of dementia was his fault; remaining quite when he should have spoken up, he vowed to never let such a thing happen to his sister again and began to screen the people she interacted with rather aggressively. Which only seemed to make matters worse for her when it came to social interactions. While the circumstances of her disappearance and drop in class participation was kept under lock and key, via their parents discretion, Wes took it upon himself to make sure she didn't absolutely lose her mind under all the pressure. Standing up for her when she was confronted by students and teachers alike and attempting to make excuses for her suddenly changed demeanor.

As time went on, he realized that things for his sister weren't going to be the same and only had his thoughts confirmed when she suffered through the O.W.L.S. and couldn't even manage to finish them.  When he moved on to his sixth year and had to watch his sister repeat her fifth year, he felt immense guilt and hoped that he'd still be able to look out for her despite the school year difference.
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PostSubject: Re: Wesley Anderson [FINISHED]   Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:26 pm

Hi there!
This app has been accepted by the lovely Sophia Granger!
Welcome to FC and don't forget to claim your playby!


Awesome set by my amazing Chassy pet!
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Wesley Anderson [FINISHED]
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