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 Astrid Baitu

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Astrid Baitu


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PostSubject: Astrid Baitu   Wed Jul 16, 2014 2:24 pm

Name: Astrid Marie Baitu
Age: 23
Blood: Pure blood

Mother: Jessica Baitu
Father : Gordon Baitu
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None

Single: Yes
Work: Dragonologist

Hair: Silvery/White
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5'4"
Build: Athletic
Clothes: Generally, shorts and a tank top when she isn't working.
Skin: Fair
Nationality: European
Personality: Astrid is shy and quiet when it comes to people. She is reserved,  and rarely gets angry.  She has patience, kindness, and caring for others. Astrid is a sweet woman, and can be quite naive.  

Her job
helping others

Feeling useless
Being alone
Public speaking

Fears: Losing the ones she loves

Where do you call Home:  She has a small cottage in the English country side.

Astrid was born and raised as an only child, and thus a was spoiled a bit by her parents. She was a quiet girl, and kept mostly to herself. She grew up on a quiet little plot of land in the English countryside. It was her father that had gotten her into the dragon business, and after she completed school, she followed in his footsteps.

Astrid attended Hogwarts, and she did fairly average in all her studies. Even though she is kind and caring person, she did not have many friends in school. She was too shy, and too quiet. Astrid was used to it though, and did just fine anyways.

Once she had finished her schooling, she pursued the career path of  a dragonologist, and it quickly became her passion. Astrid seemed to have an affinity with the dragons she worked with. Once the got used to her presence, they quit trying to attack on sight. She was able to approach certain ones, and even pet them, much to the envy of some of her other colleagues.  Astrid felt as if she and the dragons understood each other. You can't tame a dragon, but you can co-exist with one.

One of her favorites parts of her job was watching the baby dragons hatch. The seemed so helpless and weak, unlike the adults. Some dragons allowed her to approach their nests, and she could play and feed little scraps of meat to the little ones.

Currently, Astrid has had to take some time away from her job. She was tasked with finding some eggs that had been taken to be sold on the black market. It was dangerous to sell and own these eggs and dragons. They could be unpredictable, and could hurt and kill people. This, of course, isn't something the ministry wants.
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Daniel Grayson

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PostSubject: Re: Astrid Baitu   Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:16 am

Hi there!

Astrid sounds like an amazing character. Welcome to FC, accepted and sorted into Graduate!


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Astrid Baitu
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