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 Varod Gitlher

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Varod Gilther


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PostSubject: Varod Gitlher   Wed Jul 16, 2014 2:44 am

Name: Varod Gilther
Age: 22
Class: Wizard
Blood: Half Blood

Mother: Mary Ferguson (Muggle)/deceased
Mother(step): Martha Dorthy
Father (step): Derek Gilther (Full Blood)
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): Ashley/deceased

Married: N/A (Heh, no thanks.)
Divorced: N/A (Have to get married in the first place...)
Dating: N/A (Me? Nope.)
Single: This one. (Bachelor power over 9000.)
Crush: What, and waste my pretty eyes on one girl?
Work: Vigilante (you can call me a repo-man of sorts)

Hair: Medium-length and brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2
Build: Broad-shouldered but not overly large.
Clothes: Daytime clothes- Dark-colored tee-shirt and cargo pants. A hat of some sort and combat boots.
Vigilante outfit- Black jacket with cargo pants and the combat boots. He usually just keeps his wand on him, because that's all he really needs.
Skin: Rather pale, as his daytime outings are limited.
Nationality: British
Personality: Varod has a bit of ADD and gets bored very easily. He's always looking for a new avenue of entertainment, but never really goes against his personal morals. This means, someones in trouble, he helps them. Someone he thinks of as bad is in trouble, they can suck it for all he cares.  His number one moral is do what you will as long as it doesn't hurt others, and if you hurt others...he won't be happy.

The young vigilante is quick to anger, always ready to throw a punch or a stun as the case may be. When it comes to things he cares about (or, though he'd never admit it, cute animals), he is even quicker to anger.

Generally, though, Varod seems aloof, even bored, cracking witty jokes at people left and right. Until someone ticks him off. And then all bets are off.

One thing to note is words do not, and will not bother him. Nor does he have empathy for those that words do bother.

Your good points: +Never gives up
+Thinks quickly, even when angry
+Loyal almost to a fault
+Excellent fighter
Your bad Points: -Quick to anger/volatile
- Off-putting for most (and for good reason!)
- Disinterest with a lot of things
- Very closed off
Likes: + Video games
+Recreational reading
+Almost any rock
+Serious fantasy movies and those kinds

-Pop music/rap music/R&B/most country/etc
-Frivolous people
-Shooter games
Fears: Losing loved ones
Social pressure (has social anxiety)

Where do you call Home:  His backpack and duffel bag.

Character History: Early year: As a young boy, Varod spent most of his time avoiding his father. This was because, to be perfectly frank, he was abusive. Physically for the most part, to both V and his mom. His mother, however, died in an "accident" when Varod was four. To this day, Varod doesn't know if his dad didn't just magic the evidence away of something he did.

When V turned seven, things changed quite a bit. His father remarried to a witch of a sexy lady, Martha. Whereas his father was physically abusive, his new wife was emotionally so. It almost felt good to see his father go through some abuse at this point, but not quite because it just pissed him off more. Then, a year later, his life changed again. Martha had a baby, a baby girl. Varod promised himself that he would protect her from the horror that he had gone through. It was not to be, though...

Not three months later, Varod was asleep and Martha couldn't get Ashley, his sister, to stop crying... And shook her to death. It was the final straw for Varod; he ran away from home, and made his way to Hogsmede. It was there he found an orphanage, and would eventually make it to Hogwarts. But not without a year of problems.

With all of this trauma under his belt, Varod was very withdrawn. He got into fights with the other kids because he wanted to be alone, and the next year was wrought with loneliness and a fierce self-preserverence.

Hogwarts years: At Hogwarts, it was like a blindfold was taken off his eyes. No one cared about his life before, and he was able to avoid the people from his orphanage. Finding a home among the Gryffindors, he laughed with friends, and fought through his studies, the only one of which he liked was defense against the dark arts. He had an odd style when he got into fights. Whereas others would try to stun him from afar, he'd get in close and mix spells with fists. Which is one thing to note, as he holds his wand left handed, even though Varod is right handed, to keep his fist open to swing.

Despite all this, he roughed his way through a couple years and tried to stay out of the limelight. However, it was in his third year when he discovered he loved Quidditch. It was what he'd always wanted to do- to fly away. Leave the ground and all it's pain and misery, and just...go. He was a chaser, pulling off insane stunts, trying to prove himself.

Adult years: Naturally, nothing really came of any of this. That's school though, huh? After graduation with decentish scores, Varod made it to the real world. Looking for jobs, he couldn't find one that didn't bore him to death. It wasn't until he was walking back to his ratty apartment after being fired that he figured out what he could do.

Glancing down an alleyway, as one is apt to do when passing by, he saw a woman being raped. It was child's play to stun the muggle rapist and wipe the girls memory. Leading the dazed woman to the bus stop, he paid her way and, almost giddy, went back to take the money of the man he'd stunned. This could be a living.

And it has been, for the last three years.
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PostSubject: Re: Varod Gitlher   Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:50 am

Hi there!

This app was amazing! Approved! Now don't forget to head to the face claims and pick a play-by for your character.


#jensen ackles #dark #billionaire #lone vigilante #single #sarcastic
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Varod Gitlher
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