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 Granger, Sophia

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Sophia Granger

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PostSubject: Granger, Sophia   Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:20 pm

ame: Sophia Anabelle Granger
Age: 21
Class: Witch/half veela and half Metamorphagus
Blood: Pure Blood

Mother (step): Annabelle Granger ( full veela )
Father (step):  Anthony Granger (Metamorphagus)
Brother(s): Spencer Granger
Sister(s): N/A
Other:  Hermione Granger ( Aunt on father's side )

Married: nope!
Divorced: nope!
Dating: no one yet, but her best friend Christy would probably be matching her up!
Single: yup and ready to mingle!
Crush: no one yet!
Work: Director of St. Mungo's (handed down to her)

Hair: Blond hair, but can change according to her mood or at will!
Eyes: chocolate brown, but can can  change according to her mood or at will.
Height: 5'9
Build:  Short and Petite
Cloths:  While at work Sophia wears her white dressed robes,  but when she isn't at work,  it's casual clothes that's cute and fashionable,
Skin: white soft skin with a tan to it
Personality:  Sophia is very down to earth and sweet and bubbly gir, who loves new experiences and having fun.  Although Sophia is VERY stubborn to the core and sometimes wants things her way or the highway way.  NEVER get Sophia mad, her being a Granger and half Veela isn't a good combination when she's mad,  you better be begging for your life! Like all Granger's she's very clever and smart and a bit of a know it all.  Although you may think that Sophia is sweet,  she has a dark b*tchy side to her,  very rarely she shows it unless she's angry or annoyed.
Other: has a husky named Maia and a snowy owl named Winter

Your good points:  
+ quick learner
+ good listener
+ loyal
Your bad Points:
- bossy
- a bit of a know it all
-flips off the handle easily
- hear at times
Rainy days
New experiences
Spending time with her friends and loved ones
flying (on her broom that is)
Hot days
People who talk alot
Clingy people
Back stabbers
Death Eaters
People who judge others
Dying and not telling her friends or loved ones that she loves them
Failer (any Granger fear!)

Where do you call Home: Granger Mansion!  Yo!

Character History: Sophia Anabelle Granger was born by Anthony and Annabelle Granger on Dec. 29th.  Sophia is the oldest and the only girl,  beating her twin sister Spebcer by two minutes.  Before Hogwarts Sophia went to a muggle private school,  and became quite popular there due to being a cheer leader and what some girls called her pretty.  Sophia life before Hogwarts was filled with laughter and happiness,  she had everything a girl could want, good friends and a loving family and a awesome house on a estate!

At the age of eleven Sophia and Spencer were accepted into not only into Hogwarts but Beauxbatons as well.  After her parents talking they decided Hogwarts was the best place for them.  Taking her place at Hogwarts,  Sophia was sorted into Gryffindor after the sorting hat had trouble deciding on putting her in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw,after many thinking through the sorting hat put her in Gryffindor seeing more Bravery in her.  The first two years was chaos for Sophia seeing how she was made fun of for being a know it all.  But as years passed,  Sophia mellowed down and became Prefect in her fifth year and Head Girl in her seventh and played Quidditch her 3-7 years at Hogwarts.  

At the age of seventeen,  Sophia trained to be a healer,  after a year of completing her training,  St.  Mungo's was handed down to her after the director retired.  Seeing greatness in Sophia,  she told Sophia to take care of it as well as she did.  four years later,  Sophia kept the magical hospital to top shape!


Awesome set by my amazing Chassy pet!

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Christabelle Gania

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PostSubject: Re: Granger, Sophia   Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:35 pm


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Granger, Sophia
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