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 Grayson, Matthew Daniel

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Daniel Grayson

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PostSubject: Grayson, Matthew Daniel   Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:11 am

Name: Daniel Matthew Grayson
Age: 23
Class: Wizarding, Werewolf
Blood: Full blood

Mother (step): Stella Grayson (deceased)
Father (step): James Grayson (disappeared)
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): Katie Grayson

Single: Single & Ready to Mingle
Work: None (Billionaire), Adventurer, Secret Detective

Hair: Long, Blond and Curly
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'10 (average)
Build: Lean and Athletic
Cloths: A suit (sometime wears casual clothes)
Skin: Tanned
Nationality: English

Daniel has a dark personality and rarely shows his softer side. A sarcastic, loner type, he tends to be cold-hearted and careless towards others. Since the death of his mother; he is a lost soul, however, he is cunning in his plans to take down criminals. Arrogant as he is, he does have a good sense of wit.

From time to time, he can be short-tempered and often get overheated during arguments. He lived day by days in a paranoid state. He is extremely relentless towards others and furthermore, grim in detail of his threats. He is very intimidating when dealing with others and above all is overly obsessive and temperamental.

Compassionate in his nature, he is extremely loyal to the ones he cares about the most and often becoming over-protective of them. Although, this is a part of him, burrowed deep into his heart, locked away in a box, which only he has the key to.Other:

Your good points:

[+] Loyal
[+] Flirtatious
[+] Caring (although rarely)
[+] Smart
[+] Consistant
[+] Good sense of wits
[+] Self-improvement

Your bad Points:

[-] Like things a certain way
[-] Overprotective
[-] Sarcastic
[-] Cold
[-] Arrogant


[+] Solving mysteries
[+] Detective work
[+] Potion
[+] Chocolate frogs
[+] Earwax Jellybeans
[+] Drinking
[+] Challenging puzzles


[x] Spiders

Where do you call Home: His mansion back in London

Character History:

Early Years:

At a young age, Daniel had always been obsessed with the work of a detective and loved solving mysteries. He became a natural at piecing puzzles together and rapidly developed quick deduction skills. It became clear to him what sort of career he would like to establish for himself in the future and made it his goal to become an Auror. A year after his birth, his sister Katie was born who Daniel loved and care about 'till this very day.

Hogwarts Years:

Just turning eleven, Daniel received a letter from The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and attended straight away. He was sorted into Ravenclaw. Being a sarcastic, loner-type, he didn't have much friends nor did he care about friendship. He had always been the smart, quiet kid in the back of the class.Here he discovered his second passion for potion. One day, outside of class hours he decided to try out a particular potion and accidentally poured the wrong amount causing the potion to explode, leaving him scars down his arm

By sixth grade, his family had a devastating blow when his mother lost her battle to cancer. His father who was clearly affected by this event, drowned away his sorrow by drinking and gambling at the bar. Daniel was hurt and angry for this, mostly because he found out that his sister was left alone to look after herself while his father spent his life saving into gambling and drinking. Since then, he had cared and looked after his sister.


After passing his NEWT and graduating, Daniel was well on his way to fulfilling his life-time goal to become an Auror. Although, he is far from done, he is currently undergoing vigorous trainings and this is only just the beginning. Six years of studying, he is still obsessed with experimenting with potion which becomes useful in many occasions and his love for mysteries and detective work only grew more and more over the years.

It wasn't until the end of his training, he felt restricted in the Ministry. There was no room for bending the rules, in which he felt was necessary for fighting crime. He went into an extreme length, even used the cruciatus curse to help weasel information he needed during interrogation. During one of his mission, he arrested a dangerous criminal and took him to court to be locked up. Much to his chagrin, the culprit was set free because they didn't have enough 'evidence' to put him behind bars. Daniel felt that something was amiss and so, he dwelled into the case a little longer.

Pondering why this dangerous man was set free, surely a man of his standing would be sent straight to Azkaban. At last, he found the answer, it seemed that the man's family was rich and therefore bailed him out. By this time, his mothers inheritance came through making him a wealthy, billionaire. Using this money, he left his job. He could've joined the Order of Phoenix, however, he refused to work with others. Hence, starting his own solo crime fighting career, free from the restrictions of the Ministry. Since then, young Danny has been on the move ever since, taking down criminals left and right.
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Christabelle Gania

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PostSubject: Re: Grayson, Matthew Daniel   Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:11 pm

Approved! Hi lovely!

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Grayson, Matthew Daniel
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