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Christabelle Gania

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PostSubject: Hierarchy   Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:30 pm

Where do you belong in the Hierarchy??? Fight your way to the top. Beat their post count. Knock them off their throne!!! Come on take your seat.

The Fidelius Charm Hierarchy

Emperor 4,000 +
Empress 4,000+ Christabelle

King 3,000+
Queen 3,000+ Vannessa

Prince 2,000+ Brendan Spark
Princess 2,000+ Pandora,

High Druid 1,000+ Kenji Moto , Josh Delk
High Priestess 1,000+ Bella Delacouer, Hermione, Kiera Whittle Valentino, Morgan Forrester

Knight 800+ Romeo Valentino
Lady in Waiting 800+

Baron 700+
Baroness 700+

Duke 600+
Duchess 600+

Squire 400+ Michael J. Gania
Lady Squire 400+

Gardner (Male) 300+
Gardner (Female) 300+

Servant (Male) 200+ Alec Lightwood,
Servant (Female) 200+

Peasant (Male) 100+ Alexander Lightwood
Peasant (Female) 100+

Awards for knocking someone off their throne. Awards are in house points.

Emperor & Empress = 2,500
King & Queen = 2,000
Prince & Princess = 1,000
High Druid & High Priestess = 800
Knight & Lady in Waiting = 500
Baron & Baroness = 400
Duke & Duchess = 300
Squire & Lady Squire = 200
Male Gardener & Female Gardener = 100
Male Servant & Female Servant = 75
Male Peasant & Female Peasant = 50

When you knock someone off their throne post in this thread. So everyone can see your post count. We cannot keep up with your posts, it's up to you to let us know when you move up the Hierarchy Ladder.

Good Luck may the best poster win!

Money rewards also come with new seats when you acquire them on the Hierarchy Ladder.

Do Not Spam Up This Thread. Post for post count varification only. Do not post if your post count does not recieve a new ranking. You may talk about this thread in the general rp thread (Chatter Box).

Thank You,


If you want to participate in the Hierarchy contest you will have to look over the ranks. When you have posted enough posts to move up a rank you post here in this thread so we can see your post count. We are not responsible for knowing when you have moved up a new rank. It is up to you to post here and let us know. When we have time you will be added to your new rank and be rewarded.

NOTE: Only quality posts count.. if we see that your spamming the site up with one liners just for post count... We will suspend you from the contest. Once you start changing your evil ways and be a responsible poster we will let you return to the contest. If we have problems with you doing the same spamming...you will be eliminated from the contest all together.

If needed more rules may be added. Check back often for the rule update.

If needed more rules may be added. Check back often for the rule update.qua]Alright, I thought that I had put this in here, but apparently I didn't, so here goes. The ranking stops at 4,000 and doesn't go up any higher, so um, yeah. I'm going to start awarding points after 4,000 posts for every 1,000. The person most likely to get these points first is probably going to be Christabelle (ME). When she reaches 5,000 points then I am going to award Ravenclaw with 500 points. It's going to be the same for everyone that gets to 5,000 and above. Every time they go up 1,000 posts I am going to award 500 points to the house that particular person is in. That's all. That should be an incentive for everyone to post more because everyone wants their house to win so that they can make MONEY!!! WOOHOO!


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