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 Vannessa Johnson

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Vannessa Johnson

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PostSubject: Vannessa Johnson   Sat Apr 14, 2007 2:33 pm

Vannessa Johnson

Name: Vannessa Johnson
Age: 30
Class: Witch
Blood: Half-Blood possible pureblood


Mother: Katherine Johnson, squib from a mostly dead pureblood family
Father: unknown wizard, her mother has never told her anything about him except he was a wizard from Europe.
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A
Other: N/A


Playby: Debra Messing
Hair: Auburn Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'3
Build: Slender waist, curvy
Skin: Very light tan, some freckles across the nose and shoulders.
Clothes: Since she was raised partially muggle until she went to Hogwarts, she can wear anything from blue jeans/T-shirt and shorts/spaghetti straps to her public wizarding attire of a form fitting green robes with embroidered silver flowers along the edges.

Overall Appearance: Vannessa appears to be, and is, a very confident and professional woman. She always appears put together and in charge, even when her personal life may be severely out of control.


Nationality: English/American

Good Qualities: Vannessa is very intelligent. In fact, her intelligence and love of learning are only eclipsed by her ambition to be successful at everything she does. Ambition pushed her to be one of the most powerful witches of her generation.

Bad Qualities: She can sometimes be morally ambiguous. She's not really good or bad, more grey. She can think something is absolutely heinous and still do it when push comes to shove if the ends justify the means. Many people find that morally reprehensible.

Likes: Spell creation, curse breaking, reading, Dark Arts

Dislikes: Liars, hypocrites, stupid people

Fears: Something bad happening to someone I love

General Personality: Vannessa is actually quite nice much of the time. She's witty, intelligent and fun to be around. When she's angered, it's best to get out of her way. She knows a lot of Dark Arts and isn't afraid to use them. Having been almost murdered several times, Vannessa is insanely paranoid when it comes to her home and possessions. There were many times she found tracking charms placed somewhere on her person. Until proven otherwise, the assumption is that pretty much everyone is out to get her.


Early Years: Since her mother was a squib, Vannessa was told early on that she was likely to be a witch due to her parentage and lack of her parents being related. Her accidental magic started occurring at the age of 3. Her most frequent and impressive feats of underage magic was what the muggles called telekinesis. That was the only wandless ability she was consistently capable of, and it appears to have stuck with her after she obtained her wand.

Hogwarts Years: Vannessa was older than many of her classmates since she started the school year when she was 11 and turned 12 in October. Upon being placed on her head, the Sorting Hat fiercely debated with itself on where to place her. In the end, it was always going to place her in Slytherin. One of the top students of her year, and technically a pureblood witch even if from a squib, she was courted by Voldemort's minions before even finishing school.

After Hogwarts / Adult: Directly after finishing Hogwarts, Vannessa fled back to America. Lord Voldemort doesn't take no for an answer. She refused to run around killing people indiscriminately. There are some people who need to die, but for refusing to bow down to pureblood ideologies? Absolutely not. When in America, Vannessa delved into far different magic than the average witch/wizard from Britain would ever believe possible. When she returned to the British wizarding world, she went directly to Gringott's and finagled her way into a job as a curse breaker. After leaving that position, her calling appeared to be spell creation.


Alias: Vannessa, Nessa
RP Experience: On and off for 11 years
Other Characters: None
How did you find us?: I founded the site. Smile
RP Sample:
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Vannessa Johnson
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