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 Vampire and Werewolf Rules

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Pandora Gryffindor


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PostSubject: Vampire and Werewolf Rules   Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:10 am

Vampires and Werewolves must be registered and accepted before you can roleplay as one.


[We are not going with the Twilight canon of werewolves because obviously Twlight wasn't written when Harry Potter was.]

- Are not hot. Their internal temperature is just like any normal human being.
- Change during the full moon around sunset, no other time.
- Now have a Wolfsbane Potion to help their transformations, but they do still transform -- it's just not as bad as it normally would be.
- Don't have conscious thought of their friends and humans around them while they're transformed. A human is a human, no matter how they're related to the werewolf.
- Are killed by silver {not necessarily a bullet} through their heart.
- Cannot also be Vampires. If a werewolf becomes a vampire, they lose their werewolf abilities, since they cannot change form anymore {which includes aging and changing into a werewolf}.


[We are not going with Twilight canon of Vampires because obviously Twilight wasn't written when Harry Potter was.]

- Do not sparkle. They don't burst in the sunlight either. The sun bothers them and they wouldn't go out in the direct sunlight if they had the choice, but it does not harm them on any serious level unless they're out in it for too long {all day}.
- Are colder than normal humans, but aren't absolutely freezing. Well, their heart isn't beating anymore. There's nothing to pump the blood through their body.
- Need blood. Of course. They don't need human blood, but they do need some sort of blood. Although human blood would be the most satisfying for them, vampires can also survive off the blood of animals.
- Need sleep or some sort of rest.
- Do not eat food.
- Are very pale.
- There is a certain beauty to vampires, but they aren't suddenly the most beautiful person in the world when they're turned into a vampire.
- Are not afraid of crucifixes or garlic.
- Are killed by their head being chopped off, extreme exposure of sunlight {for 6+ hours}, being burned to ashes or by being drained of blood completely.
- They are immortal, unless they are killed. Meaning, they do not age physically and can live forever unless they are killed.
- Vampires cannot be werewolves. They are virtually dead and cannot change form. Therefore, they can't turn into werewolves.


Other Abilities


- Can change their appearance at will, but obviously not to the point of looking like a different person. However, they can change things like their nose, eye colour, hair colour, etc.


- Can be harmed. The way they differ from ghosts is that they can be touched. You can hit them with things and they can throw things back.


- Can only turn into one animal.
- Becoming an Animagus is a very advanced form of transfiguration and it takes many years to become one.
- All Animagi, by law, are required to register with the Ministry of Magic.


- Are exceptionally beautiful and cause all men around them to mumble like idiots.
- The Veela of the UK and western Europe have silvery hair, although any Veela from Asia or Africa would have darker hair.
- Veela are only female. Sons of Veela are obviously half-Veela, but none of the powers from their mother carry on to them.
- Half-Veela don't have as much charm, but they still do affect men and their features are more normal as well. Quartre-Veela have even less Veela characteristics.


- Can block out Legilimens from reading their thoughts. It is quite hard to become an Occlumens and takes a few years of practice.


- Can read the minds of others. This power also takes quite a few years to perfect. However, they cannot read the minds of skilled Occlumens

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Christabelle Gania

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PostSubject: Re: Vampire and Werewolf Rules   Wed Aug 26, 2009 2:40 am

Another note on vampires...THEY ARE ALLERGIC TO SILVER!!! IT WILL KILL THEM IF TOO MUCH IS CONSUMED OR USED ON THEM!! Sorry for the caps I just wanted everyone to have my attention...

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Vampire and Werewolf Rules
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